The Little London Directory of 1677 The oldest printed list of the merchants and bankers of London by


This small book printed in 1863 is a reproduction of the original ‘Catalogue’ published in 1677. The many printing errors and inconsistencies in spelling and punctuation in that Catalogue were deliberately carried forward to this 1863 book, which notes in the Introduction that it was “here reproduced as almost a fac-simile”.

This etext has also retained these misspellings and inconsistencies and not tried to correct or ‘improve’ the content, and only spacing between words is different--two or three or more spaces in the original text have been condensed to one space in this etext. A few other minor changes are noted at the end of the book.

Italic text is denoted by _underscores_.

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OF 1677.

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OF 1677.





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This little book might easily, by a competent pen, be made the text to a volume, as large, if not as useful, as the huge “Post Office Directory,” of which it was the modest precursor. No such ambitious object as the production of a volume of that class is to be here indulged in. On the contrary, the purpose of the present short introduction is to offer a few suggestions upon topics obviously belonging to the contents of this commercial record of the merchants and _goldsmiths_ of London in the second half of the seventeenth century. It will be found to demonstrate the value of not a few family _names_ as significant elements of the history of social progress.

It has, indeed, been so in all time. From Homer’s catalogues down to the knightly nomenclature of the “Roman de la Rose,” and other long-breathed poems of the middle ages; from the Battle-abbey Roll of the conqueror’s chiefs at Hastings, and from that of King Henry’s army at Agincourt to our modern musters, such documents elucidate acceptably the course of military heroism. The conjecture is as ingenious, as it is just, lately made about _Shakespeare’s_ early life, that the Admiralty books, with their myriad of seamens’ names, may give his in some royal ship, and so account for his perfect sea phrases.

The most interesting _manuscript_ lists are those of the notabilities present at the Preston Guild for more than 500 years; and that of the founders of a Library in Hereford 200 years ago. The Guild is in existence still. The books given to the library by Viscount Scudamore, and some hundreds of the county people, were rotting on a damp floor not long since. It may be hoped they are now better cared for.

Equally attractive are the lists still preserved of the zealous contributors to public loans to meet a national crisis. _John Locke_ and _Somers_ were among the first proprietors of the Bank of England. Those of the East India Company, or the like Stocks were the leading Tories.

The founders of our early colonies--holders of even five-shilling shares--have thus their enduring record; and a diligent collector may enrich his library of tracts with the printed names of all the graduates of old Harvard College in New England in the seventeenth century--so zealously did the Puritans ground their sons in learning.

The present production, although of more moderate pretensions, contains individual names of some historical weight. Its most striking feature is the severance of “_Goldsmiths that keep Running cashes_”--precursors of the modern bankers--from the mass of merchants of London, in 1677.

Before that year the goldsmiths had really been bankers, and proper laws had long been advocated for their better establishment in the craft. This list fixes their residence chiefly in our ancient Lombard Street. Of fifty-eight, the whole number of them, thirty-eight lived there. Of the rest, we have Blanchard and _Child_, partners, in Fleet Street, at the Mary-gold; and James _Hore_ in Cheapside, at the Golden Bottle, for then every house of business had its sign.

Other banking names are striking, viz. the Cornish Bolitho, the Lancashire Hornby, the Yorkshire Duncomb. These men may be presumed to have enriched their descendants who are still conspicuous among us. The rest of the Goldsmiths of 1677 seem to have been little remarkable in the next generation, when, after the revolution of 1688, joint-stock banking, and safe facilities in paper currency took the start which constitutes an era in finance. The capitalists of London in the reign of Charles II. were sorely damaged by his iniquitous shutting of the Exchequer against their legitimate claims. They were content at last to be simply the first holders of stock in the national debt, into which their claims were turned. But Michael Godfrey, the first deputy-governor of the bank, and Sir N. Herne, afterwards zealous supporters of the new system of banking after 1694, are here only simple merchants. Two other names of the Goldsmiths, James Fowles and James Heriot, deserve special mention. They were Scots; and the Fowles appear to have been long settled in London in connection with their countrymen. In 1695, the Lord Provost of Edinburgh was to address his letters on the subject of Darien to William Paterson at the house of one of the name; and it is no idle speculation to suppose that this goldsmith (a rising banker) of 1677 afforded Paterson, then a pedlar, or incipient merchant, the benefit of his financial experience.

James Heriot has a stronger association with a Scottish worthy of finance, George Heriot, the goldsmith, and the munificent benefactor of Edinburgh, who came south with his patron, King James; and, as his biographer tells us, he prospered here as he had prospered in the north. Besides his bequests to his native town, he left ample legacies to his brothers-german, of whom one was James; and their wealth and name were assuredly represented by the James Heriot the goldsmith of this list.

In it also stands John _Peatterson_, a merchant already, and so giving a body to the tradition in Dumfriesshire which places William Paterson of the Bank of England in the counting-house of a relation of his own name in London about 1677.

The spelling of the two names Fowles and Peatterson is correctly phonetic, so as to show the Scottish nationality of the men; and in the latter case showing also the tact with which Eliot Warburton in his “Darien” makes a Scottish friend criticise his clumsy English pronunciation of the word Paterson.

Another name in the general list, that of Alexander Pope of Broad Street, has an even more famous association, as Mr. Camden Hotten shows in his _Adversaria_ for July, 1857. The locality was then a charming suburb of gardens; and although the poet Pope, when taken away with his father, the popish merchant, to be educated in Windsor Forest by a priest, may have been too young to know how genial a home he was losing, he need not have been too vain, as it is feared he was, to revisit in after life the pleasant abode of his earliest years.

Gresham’s garden was in Broad Street, with its lectures on music and all science. King Richard’s Crosby Hall, and Shoreditch with its unhappy leman of Edward IV, were hard by; whilst Milton’s birth-place, his retreat, and his grave were close at hand.

The picturesque character of old London, graced by the sparkling Thames of olden time, is a circumstance not to be forgotten, when we are calling up the memories of any class of its inhabitants.

In 1677 the city was full of fine residences for merchants; and in this list we meet with names of entertainers of wits of the time. Here is _Fountain_, doubtless father to the wealthy knight with whom Dean Swift was familiar, as shown in his letters to Stella. Here, too, is _Kiffen_, the Baptist Alderman whom James II. could neither affright nor seduce, with a less respectable name of the same class, that of William Lob.

Here is _Benjamin Bathurst_, the founder of the family distinguished on the Bench and in the State, with _Bragg_ their connexion. Here is a tribe of the _Houblons_, who furnished the Bank of England with its first Governor, Sir John; and whose names, seven in number, may be read in documents recorded at the Board of Trade claiming convoys for their fleets. These seven names are found in the more interesting record--the sermon of Bishop Burnet at the funeral of this _Houblon_--with his eulogy and city descent from Henry the VIIIth’s time. The _Vansittarts_ will find their wealthy forefather here, and many more Dutch members of the old church of their nation in Austin Friars. The _Van Milderts_ of this list were doubtless progenitors of the learned late Bishop of Durham of that name; and the predominance of Dutch over Flemish merchants settled in London is to be attributed to the ultra-Protestant feeling of that time. Puckle the wit, and the eager projector, is here in the persons of his father and uncle. Nor are the Barnardistons, Ducanes, the Fredericks, Beckfords, and Papillons, Burdetts, Batemans, Biddulphs, Bulteels, Carbonnels, Coventrys, the Dominiques, Crisps, Furleys, and the Holfords, to be omitted.

The “_Richard Steele_” in the list must have been related to Sir Richard, who was more successful in the advocacy of the rights of trade with his pen than in his multifarious commercial schemes.

The special occupations of these merchants are not stated with much precision. After the Goldsmiths come the Black-well Hall factors, representing our ancient staple in woollens, whose privileges were the occasion of a great legal controversy shortly before the date of this little publication; and they were settled with prodigious learning in the Common Pleas by Chief Justice Sir Orlando Bridgman, as may be seen in his logical judgments. One particular address is very interesting. It is at “_the Insurance Office_,” then a new institution among us, and only extended with great success in the beginning of the next century, in the reign of Queen Anne.

The Royal Exchange was a prominent place of business for our merchants of 1677. The Dutch walk, the Turkey walk, the _Irish_ walk, the Spanish walk, and the like, have a significance far beyond the agreeable cosmopolitan sentiments expressed in the Spectator upon Addison’s and Sir Richard Steele’s visit to the Exchange of their day, crowded with men from every clime. In these several walks could be found, in the earlier years of the reign of Charles II, the collected members of our various trades beyond sea; and it was from them that the Lord Mayor was directed by a royal order in Council, to have elected the body that was to assist ministers in the preparation of our laws of trade and the colonies. That original order in council, signed by Lords Clarendon and Southampton, is preserved in the City library in Guildhall. It contains an article of extreme interest at this moment, specially providing for the election of the _Italian_ merchants to that body. This commercial tie with _United_ Italy cannot fail to be strengthened so as to revive an alliance with us too long interrupted by religious prejudice on both sides. The list has a few Italian names, but more Portuguese--perhaps brought over from the connection with “_the Royal House of Lisbon_” in the person of Charles the Second’s Queen, received by us with becoming good humour, according to the pungent epigram which bade “_the De’il take Hyde and the Bishop beside, that made her bone of his bone_.”

The division of the merchants in their respective dignities is worth a passing reflection. Some are knights and baronets; some are aldermen; the mass are plain John or Thomas, with a considerable sprinkling of _Misters_--the master of olden times being an addition of worship. The Captains and Majors of the list were doubtless the officers of the train-bands, of no little historic fame in London, from King John and Magna Carta even to John Gilpin.

The homes of many of the merchants named in this list were in the suburbs of London, and there they seem to have transacted their business, not in the City. We find them at Highgate, so well known before as the residence of the philosophic Earl of Arundel, where Lord Bacon died,--at Newington Green, Islington, Clerkenwell Green, Hackney, Hogsden, Bethnall Green, Kingsland, Moorfields, Spital-fields, and Mile End Green,--places now so many centres of crowded population, not the sweet rural retreats, which we are content to go for farther a-field, being, like our fathers, fully awake to the delights of forest life.

The _Hogsden_ of the list (our Hoxton) is shown to have been pretty full of merchants; and we know how delightful a group of gardens that suburb possessed in the olden time. Not very long after 1677, its worthy horticulturist Fairchild there practised his art with eminent success; and not only founded the annual sermon still preached by distinguished divines every year upon the bounty of the Creator in the gifts of nature, but tried hard with his pen to teach the citizens to adorn London with gardens. This is a consideration well worth pursuing at this moment of London’s revival. Her seventy graveyards, so long festering charnel-houses, may, under wise direction, become centres of floral beauty and instructive recreation to our youthful London population.

Some resided on “The Bridge,” the London Bridge for ages covered with dwellings, from one of which the daughter of a rich citizen fell into the Thames to be saved by the bold apprentice Osborne, who married her, and founded the ducal family of Leeds.

The painted _portraits_ of the more distinguished of these fathers of our trade would deserve a special study. Sir John Houblon’s may be seen at the Bank of England; Benjamin Bathurst’s is assuredly piously preserved by his ennobled family; Sir John Tulse, who has left his name perpetuated on the picturesque hill near the Crystal Palace, must have possessed good taste enough to be a portrait-painter’s patron; and the letter in the Spectator asserting our superior appreciation of that branch of art is well justified in the numerous portraits scattered all over the land. Our commerce is indeed exceedingly rich in materials of historical portraiture, and in its products. Without ostentatiously boasting of a superiority which is not to be pretended over the statesmen who grace so many halls, our merchants, from the pencils of Holbein and Antonio More down to the latest dates, may challenge comparison with them. The City and its halls are full of them; and Sir Thomas Gresham’s design of an university in London could not be better revived and realized than by annexing a fine gallery of merchants’ portraits to its other branches of instruction. It is a good suggestion, that the profit got by the Treasury from the sale of his estate in Broad Street to a Banking Company, should be pursued to its legitimate issue,--the establishment of that university.

The topic of Gresham’s University has some elucidation from the list of 1677. Comparatively few merchants then resided in Broad Street, or in Bishopsgate Street. Rents were therefore low in that quarter. In 1760, when the Gresham property was sold, under an Act of Parliament, for the Excise Office, its income was less than 450_l._ a-year; and the government made it up to 500_l._ The sale, however, to the Gresham Chambers’ Company, a few years since, netted a very large sum to the Treasury. That surplus is believed to revert to the trusts of Sir T. Gresham’s will, since the Acts which have alienated the estate first from the Charity, and then from the Crown, are mere parliamentary titles--quite secure to the occupiers of the land, but not destructive of the rights of the objects of a founder. The matter is indeed under serious scrutiny before the Charity Commission; and it has special claims to the fair consideration of Her Majesty’s prime minister.

The _John Temple_ of this list was probably of Lord Palmerston’s lineage. The Palmers of the list, too, doubtless belonged to the family which almost monopolises the Mercers’ Company--Gresham’s trustees; and so Sir Roundell Palmer, the Solicitor-General, must not desert his duty. Nor will he have forgotten his own labour of love in Gresham’s lecture-room, when he helped his relative, Professor Palmer, to do justice to his charge.

Earl Russell will not, on this occasion, refuse his powerful aid to the improvement of the citizens of London, so often the defenders of liberty, and the advocates of science. The City has indefeasible claims upon Earl Russell’s sympathies--if for nothing more--for the sad sacrifice of his great relative Lord William, led, from his prison in the Tower, through the heart of the city to his scaffold in Lincoln’s-Inn-Fields, in order to crush the spirit of a people deeply attached to the house of Bedford.

Finally, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Gladstone, will readily part with the large proceeds of the Gresham Charity-estate, which, by all the calls of conscience, and the kindred rules of equity, belong to an object which he, of all men, the most approves--the liberal instruction of our youth.

The Harveys of the list are of a honoured stock. They are near kinsmen to Dr. William Harvey, famous in medical history as the discoverer of the circulation of the blood. He passed many of the last years of his eventful life with his brother Eliab, the merchant of London, who possessed “noble feats, and at least 3000_l._ a year,” says Aubrey. In those days the physicians, with their College in Warwick Lane, may be held to have been citizens. It was at the Royal Exchange that Drs. Mead and Ratcliffe fought their well-known duel.

Three original copies of the list of 1677 are known. One is in the Bodleian library; one in the Manchester Free Library, bought for 5_l._, (from this, owing to the kindness of R. W. Smiles, Esq., the Librarian, the present reprint has been made); one was sold at the sale of the Rev. Mr. Hunter’s library for 9_l._, although imperfect.

The volume--here reproduced as almost a fac-simile--is a curious little precursor of the London Directory, grown from its first edition of 1732 in 300 pages, to the huge volume, the Post Office Directory of the present day.

In the Lambeth Library there is such a list in manuscript of thirty years earlier date. It is a list of all the inhabitants of London liable to pay tithes, with the amounts due from each.

During the progress of this little volume through the press a most interesting fact relative to the history of trade has come to light. It appears from an old pamphlet that an “_Office of Addresses_” was started as early as 1650, by HENRY ROBINSON, a well known writer on matters of commerce and finance during the commonwealth period. The ideas of this worthy are so advanced and sound that it is more than probable that Sir William Petty, who soon after began to write upon these subjects, was indebted to him for some of his liberal views with regard to the extension of trade. Henry Robinson’s “Office in Threadneedle Street, over against the Castle Tavern, close to the Old Exchange in London,” comes out with a business-like precision in the very advertisement, that promises well for his work--the keeping _particular registers of all manner of addresses_. Then follows a catalogue of subjects of inquiry, so copious and so curious as to be a new proof that there is almost nothing new under the sun! _Sixpence_ was the fee, and for this small sum answers to all sorts of questions connected with business could be obtained. The whereabouts of merchants, the arrivals or departures of ships, the current price of certain commodities, were all to be ascertained by visiting this ancient Inquiry Office--the crude off-shoot of a commerce struggling to develope itself, and answering for a time the purposes of a broker’s office, the Stock-Exchange, and the modern newspaper teeming with trade advertisements.

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_Licensed Octob. 11. 1677._


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Living in and about

The City of LONDON;

_Very Usefull and Necessary_.

Carefully Collected for the Benefit of all Dealers that shall have occasion with any of them; Directing them at the first sight of their name, to the place of their abode.

_LONDON_, Printed for _Sam. Lee_, and are to be sold at his Shop in _Lumbard-street_, near _Popes-head-Alley_: And _Dan. Major_ at the _Flying Horse_ in _Fleetstret_. 1677.


_To the Merchants and Traders of the City of_ London.


Although the publishing of the ensuing Pamphlet (or Catalogue) may at the first view, seem to several persons a ridiculous and preposterous attempt, yet the Author of this poor Collection humbly hopes, that it will not be exploded or rejected by you, for whose ease and conveniency (together with your forein correspondents) he principally intended it: And if it prove so successful as to receive a favourable acceptance from your hands, the censure of all other persons not concerned in the conveniency arising by it, will not discourage the Author to proceed and make such Improvements of this small _Embrio_, as may soon bring it to a perfect birth. He humbly hopes no Apology will be required for such Errata’s or Escapes as have been committed as to the Orthography, or true writing of the respective Names of this Catalogue, as well for that he hath found it a very difficult thing, to procure so ample an Account of Names as he hath done; as also in regard his main design is, to publish this forthwith, to the end that if those persons who are concerned in the Use of it, do give it a favourable Receptance, he may set forth an Additional Catalogue far more correct and accurate; wherein if he may receive Encouragement accordingly, he shall not in any thing be better satisfied than that his poor Endeavours shall have answered those Ends for which they were intended.


_Whereas, since the ensuing Tract was in the Press, the Author hath discovered the Habitations of several other Merchants, not comprehended in the Alphabetical Order; he hath therefore thought fit (rather than to omit them) to insert them in the last Page of this Book by themselves. And whereas the Author intends shortly to Reprint this Catalogue, with additions; he doth therefore desire, that for the better furtherance of the next Edition, all Merchants, as well such as shall be newly arrived from beyond the Seas, as also all such as shall be newly set up, would be pleased to give in their Names and Habitations to_ Samuel Lee _Stationer, over against the Church, near_ Popes-head Alley _in_ Lombard Street. _And if it happen that any Omission shall be made of any Merchants Names in this or the ensuing Edition, let the parties concerned repair to the said_ Mr. Lee, _where they may probably receive satisfaction. And if any Bill of Exchange happen to be drawn upon any Tradesmen or Shopkeepers under the denomination of Merchants, if they repair to the place aforesaid they may receive due Information._

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Living in and about

the CITY of _LONDON_.


Robert Abbot, _Bow-Churchyard_.

Allen Ackworth, _Burchin-Lane_.

Edward Addams, _Great St. Bartholomews_.

John Addis, _Bednal-Green_ or at the _Sun_ in _Lumbard-Street_.

Elias Adrian _and Company_ in _Broad-street_.

Thomas Allcock, in _Grubstreet_.

Richard Aley, _Mincin-Lane_.

Richard Aley _Devonshire-house_.

Cornelius Alderwerldt, _Freemans-yard, Cornhill_.

Mr. Allen, _Cateaton-street Blackwell Hall Factor_.

Edward Allen, _Towerhill_.

Daniel Allen, _Fanchurch-street_.

William Allen, _Princes-street_.

Edward Allen _Queen-street, removed into Tower-street_.

Mr. Allen, _Mugwell-street_.

Mr. Allen _Spittle-fields_.

Mr. Almand _Clement’s Lane, Church-Alley_.

Samuel Alstone, _Basinghall-street, Blackwelhall Factor_.

Russel Alsope, _Lau. Pount. Lane_.

Isaac Alvarez, _in St. Mary Ax_.

Jacob Jesrum Alvarez, _in St. Mary Ax neer Bury-street_.

Herbert Allwyn _Shipyard Woodstreet_.

Thom. } & } Andrews, _Crutchet-Fryars_. Peter }

Alderm. Andrews, _Walbrook_.

William Andrews, _Fanchurch-Street_.

Mr. Andrado _Leadenhall-street_.

John Archer _Mark-lane_.

George Archer _Cheapside_.

Iohn Archer _Gravel-lane Houndsditch_.

Jeremiah Armiger _Houndsditch_.

Capt. Armstrong, _Newington-Butts_.

John Arthur _Austin-Fryars_.

Daniel Arthur _Broadstreet_.

Henry Ashurst Senior, _Watling street_.

Henry Ashurst Junior, _St. Johns-Street_.

Mr. Ashur _Aldermanberry_.

Mr. Ashlier _Newington Town_.

John Ashby _Friday-street_.

Alderm. Aske _Love-lane Aldermanberry_.

Francis Ashty, _Minories_.

Thom. } & } Atterberry, _Angel-Court Throgmorton-Street_. John }

William Attwood _Queen-Street_.

William Attwood _Newington Town_.

Daniel Axtell _to be spoken withal at the Sign of the Purse in Loathbury_.

Sir Benj. Ayloffe _Fanchurch-street_.


Joseph } & } Bateman _Martins lane_. William }

Edw. Baker _New Court Throgmorton Street_.

Richard Baker _Poultrey_.

John Baker _Aldermary Churchyard_.

Mr. Ballard _St. Dunstans-hill_.

Jacob Baldwyn _Still-yard Thames-Street_.

Peter Baldwyn _Mark-lane_.

Mr. Balts _Crown-court Spittle-Fields_.

John Banks, _Fanchurch-street_.

Rich. Banks _Gravel-lane Houndsditch_.

Mr. Banishford _Hatton-garden_.

Peter Barr _Austin-fryars_.

Will. Barron _Throgmorton-street_.

Edw. } & } Barkley _Throgmorton-street_. Hen. }

Edw. Barton _Angel-Court Throgmorton-street_.

Rich. Barker _New-Court Throgmorton-street_.

Sir Sam. Barnadiston _Bishopsgate within_.

Arthur Barnadiston _Hogsdon, to be spoken with at Mr._ Hedges in _Broadstreet_.

Pallatia Barnadiston _Hummerton in Hackney_.

Natha. Barnadiston _Hackney_.

Thom. Barnadiston _Hackney-Town_.

Mr. Barnadiston, _Well-Street Hackney_.

Arthur Barron _Coleman-street_.

George Barron _Garlick-hill_.

Mr. Barrot _Budge-row_.

John Barrot _Pickle-Herring_.

John Barrot _Execution Dock_.

George Barnes _Love-lane_.

Gerard Berens _Mincin-lane_.

Mr. Bard _Old Bethelem_.

John Barcklet _Fanchurch-street_.

Thom. Barker _Seething-lane_.

Mr. Bassford _Kings-Arms-yard Coleman-street_.

Mr. Basset _Bankside_.

Richard Basse _Trinity-lane_.

William Battalie _Mark-lane_.

Mr. Battle _Broadstreet_.

John Batthurst _Cornhill_.

Benjam. Batthurst _St. Mary Ax_.

Cap. Th. Battson _Stepney near the Church_.

Ezeck. Batchelor _without Aldgate_.

Thom. Bawdes _Berry-street_.

William Baxter _Fanchurch-street_.

Simon Baxter _Highgate, to be spoken withal in Bush-lane at a Packers_.

Richard Baxter _Vine-Court Spittle-fields_.

William Bayly, _Shadwel_.

William Beard, _Lawrence Pountney’s Lane_.

Simon Berringer, _Threadneedle street_.

Phillip Beaumont, _Dukes-place_.

Charl. Beavor _Michael-lane_.

Edw. Beaker, _Ironmonger-lane_.

Mr. Beavor, _Crooked-lane_.

Will. Beakon, _Cateaton-street_.

Edw. Beakon, _George-yard Lombard-street_.

Mr. Beavor, _Goodman’s-fields_.

John Beare, _Crutchet-fryars_.

Hump. Beane, _Turkey-walk Excha_.

Mr. Bearns, _Mincin-lane_.

Isaac Bean, _Bow-lane_.

Thom. Beacon, _Minories Haiden-Yard_.

Rich. Beavoir, _Pelmell_.

Will. Beck, _Crutchet-fryars_.

Thom. Beckford, _Thames-street_.

Abrah. Beak, _St. Dunstans-hill_.

Richard Beckford _Tower-street_.

Samuel Beak, _Buttolph-lane_.

Mr. Bedkins, _Bank-side_.

Edward Bell _Crutchet-fryars_.

Thom. Bell, _Tower-hill_.

Mr. Bellows, _Philpot-lane_.

William Bellamy, _St. Dunstans-hill_.

Francis Bellows, _White-chappel_.

Adam Bellamy, _Dice-key_.

John Bedell, _Blosoms-Inne_.

William Benson, _Winchester-street at Mr. Holride_.

William Bennet, _Borough Southwark_.

John Benes, _Beaver-marks_.

Sir John Bendish, _York Buildings in the Strand_.

Mr. Berry, _St. Antholings_.

Moses Berrew, _Dukes-place_.

John Berry, _Philpot-lane_.

Charles Best, _Bloomsberry_.

Arthur Betsworth, _Bow-lane_.

Mr. _B_yfield, _Hackney_.

Mr. _B_yfield, _Ditto_.

Thom. _B_oyer, _Laurence Pount. lane_.

Mr. _B_ible, _Colchester-street_.

Edward _B_ickley, _Basinghall-street_.

Sir Theo. _B_iddolph, _Austin-fryars_.

Mr. _B_iddolph, _Aldermanberry_.

Mr. _B_idford, _Newington Town_.

Edward _B_ilton, _Creedchurch-lane_.

William _B_ird, _Broadstreet at a Packers_.

Mr. _B_ird, _Fishstreet-hill_.

John _B_ird, _Martins-lane_.

Mr. _B_lackman, _Ironmonger Lane_.

Thom. _B_lackmore, _Kings-street_.

Robert _B_lackmore, _at a Barbers Ironmonger-lane_.

Thom. _B_lackmore, _Bartholomew Close_.

Mr. _B_lacklesly, _Tower-street_.

Thom. _B_lashfield, _Bartholomew Close_.

Mr. _B_lackstone, _Bishopsgate-Street_.

Mr. _B_land, _Hogsden_.

John _B_lewitt, _Great St. Hellens_.

Mr. _B_leatingston, _Distaff-lane_.

John _B_lowfield, _Threadneedle Street_.

Sir Tho. _B_loodworth, _Maiden-lane_.

Fred. _B_lunkard, _Sice-lane_.

Mr. _B_loonkard, _Sice-lane_.

Robert _B_loone, _Crutchetfryars_.

Benj. _B_lundell, _at the house of Mr. John Sheldon in Cannon-street_.

Thom. _B_odley, _Houndsditch, Gun Yard_.

George _B_oddington, _Great Saint Hellens_.

Rene. _B_odvin, _Kingstreet_.

Thom. _B_oghes, _Loathberry_.

Richard _B_ogon, _little St. Hellens_.

Mr. _B_oliford, _Bush-lane_.

Mr. _B_oldt, _Buttolph-lane_.

Mr. _B_oldens, _Bush-lane_.

Andrew _B_onneel, _Mark-lane_.

John _B_onneel, _St. Mary Ax_.

Mr. _B_onset, _Islington_.

Jerim. _B_onneel, _and Compan. Old Jury_.

John _Bo_n, _New Court Throgmorton-street_.

Mr. _B_ooby, _St. Mary Ax_.

Thom. _B_oon, _Ditto_.

Rich. _B_ooth, _Princes-street_.

Mr. _B_ooby, _Broadstreet_.

Edw. _B_ovey, _Mark-lane_.

Edw. _B_overy, _St. Mary Ax_.

Joseph _B_owles, _Laurence Pountneys Hill_.

Thom. _B_owhey, _Tokenhouse-yard_.

John _B_owden, _Bush-lane_.

John _B_owles, _Mark-lane_.

William _B_owles, _Mincin-lane_.

Mr. _B_owles, _St. Mary Ax_.

Franc. _B_oynton, _Broadstreet_.

Adrian _B_eyer, _Lauren. Pountney Lane_.

James _B_race, _Fanchurch-street_.

Mr. _B_ragg, _Broadstreet_.

Franc. _B_ranetti, _York buildings in the Strand_.

Mr. _B_radley, _Execution Dock_.

Leona. _B_ray, _Shoreditch_.

John _B_rand, _Cheapside_.

Tho. } & } _B_railsford, _Tokenhouse-yard_. John }

Mr. Bradford _Harp-lane_.

Roger _B_radley, _Bishopsgate Street over against the Post-house_.

Mr. Bray, _Execution Dock_.

Mr. Brewest, _Great St. Hellens_.

John Brittin, _St. Mary Ax_.

Robert Brittin, _Bury-street_.

Mr. Brittin, _Gray-fryars_.

John Brinckley, _Princes-street_.

John Bryant, _and Company Cateaton street_.

Rich. Bryant, _Shad. Thames_.

John Bridges, _Queen street_.

Mr. Bridges, _Goodman’s fields_.

Nath. } Will. } Bridges, _Austin-fryars_. Rob. }

Will. Brishead, _Bankside_.

Mr. Brown, _Crutchet-fryars_.

Tho. Brown, _Bury street_.

Edw. Brown, _and Comp. with_ Mr. Adrian, _Broadstreet_.

Mr. Brown, _Nicholas lane_.

Will. Brown, _Cannon street_.

Mr. Brown, _Mile-end Town_.

Benja. Brownsmith, _Pudding-Lane_.

Edw. Brown, _Fanchurch street_.

Arnold Brown, _Mincin lane_.

James Brown, _Swithings lane_.

Mr. Brown, _Coleman street_.

Mr. Brooks, _Bush Lane_.

Mr. Brooks, _Bucklersberry_.

Gerrard Bruce, _Mincin Lane_.

John Buckworth, _Crutchet Fryars_.

John Bucher, _Bankside_.

Edw. Buckridge, _Crown Court Broadstreet_.

Mr. Buinet, _Laurence Poult. hill_.

Mr. Bulock, _Armitage_.

Sam. Bultell, _Austin-fryars_.

John Bull, _St. Martins lane_.

Capt. Bonfoy, _Little Tower hill_.

James Burkin, _Mincin lane_.

John Burton, _Abchurch lane_.

Franc. Burnell, _Bush lane_.

John Bonner, _Petty France_.

Mr. Burin, _Spittle Fields_.

Robert Burdit, _Gravel lane Hounsditch_.

Mr. Burden, _Colemans Alley_.

Will. _B_urd, _Hackney Town to be spoken withal at Mr. Sherwoods, Broadstreet_.

Edw. Burket, _Bankside_.

Edw. _B_urrish, _Gracechurch street_.

J. _B_apt. Burnell, _near the New Exchange in the Strand_.

John _B_urnell, _St. Mary hill_.

Abrah. Bush, _Mark lane_.

John Bush, _Fanchurch street_.

James Bush, _Mincin lane_.

Edw. Bushel, _Little St. Hellens_.

John _B_ush, _Ditto_.

Mr. Burden, _Vine-Court, Spittle Fields_.

Mr. Buston, _Rosemary Lane_.

Mr. Butts, _St. Mary Ax_.

Sir Wil. Butler, _Pauls Wharf_.

Will. Butler, _Nicholas Lane Foxes Ordinary_.

Rich. } & } Butler, _Clements Lane_. Tho. }

Mr. Butler, _Goodmans Fields_.

Mr. Butthard, _Broadstreet_.

Mr. Butington, _Mun Yard Black Fryars_.


Edmond Callender, _in Tower Street_.

Mr. Calwell _in Colemans Alley_.

Mr. Camfield _in Great Saint Bartholomews_.

John Canham _little Saint Hellens_.

Thom. Canham _Leadenhall street_.

Roger Capple _Bishopsgate without_.

Matth. Carleton _Fanchurch street_.

Abra. Caris, _Mincin Lane_.

Tho. Carew _Dukes place_.

Tho. Carew _Tower hill_.

Tho. Cary _Ditto_.

John Carlock _Throgmorton street_.

Will. Cartell _ditto_.

John Carter _little Tower street_.

Rich. Carrel, _Aldermanberry_.

Mr. Carrel _Austin-fryars_.

Joseph Carrel _in Throgmorton-street, or Warwick-Court_.

Joseph Carpenter _Budgerow_.

Mr. Carpenter _Leaden-hall-Street_.

William Carbonneel _Mark-lane_.

Sir Fra. Chaplin _Berry street_.

Rob. Chaplin, _Saint Swithins Lane_.

John Chapman _Great St. Hellens_.

John Chapman _Broad street_.

Mr. Chapman _Bishopsgate without_.

Mr. Chapman _Bassinghall-street, Blackwelhall Factor_.

Mr. Chadwick _Fanchurch-street_.

Jam. Chadwick _Kings Street_.

Mr. Chalwel _Tower Royal_.

Fra. Chamberlin _La. Poun. lane_.

Cha. Chamberlin _Great Saint_.

Mr. Chang _Pauls wharf_.

Rich. } & } Chandler _Aldermanberry_. John }

Isaac Chatwood _Hogsden_.

Freder. Chevecox _Broadstreet_.

Tho. Cheuely _Oxford Court Canon street_.

Hen. } & } Chitty _Bishopsgate street within_. Mat. }

John } & } Chomble _Philpot lane_. Rob. }

Sir Fra. Clark _little St. Hellens_.

Samuel Clark _Throgmorton-street_.

Mr. Clark _Pudding lane_.

Henr. Clark _Poultrey_.

Mr. Clark _Law. Poun. lane_.

John Clark _Hogsden, at his Warehouse in Olive-tree Court Leadenhall-street_.

Mr. Clark _Kingsland_.

Mr. Clark _by the Horse-ferry Westminster_.

Edw. Clark _and Compa. Cheapside_.

Will. Clark _Barthol. Close_.

Sam. Clark _Barthol. Close_.

Tho. Clark _Love-lane_.

Tho. Claxton _Bishopsgate within neer Thredneedle street_.

Edward Claxton _Queen street_.

Sam. Clay, _Law. Poun. lane_.

James Cleapole _Bush lane Scot yard_.

John Clemon _Jewen street_.

Mr. Clenues _Bednal Green_.

Mr. Clenes _Waping_.

Mich. Clipsham _Saint Dunstans hill_.

Mr. Cliff _Bankside_.

Alen Cliff _Algate_.

Sir Tho. Clouterbock _at Mr. Clouterbock’s house in Threadneedle Street_.

Jasper Clouterbock _in ditto_ Street.

Mr. Coats _Pudding-lane_.

Mr. Cosing _Lime-street_.

Will. Cockram _St. Swithins-lane_.

Mr. Cole _at Mr. Pilkington’s, Bush-lane, Scot-yard_.

George Cole, _Bartholomew-lane, Ship-yard_.

Will. Cole, _Thames-street_.

Mr. Cole, _Bush-lane, Scot-yard_.

Mr. Cole, _near the new Postern_.

Hen. Collier _Nicholas-lane_.

Mr. Collier _Borough of Southwark_.

Peter Collier _Little Moor-fields near the Gun-Tavern_.

Jam. Collins _Philpot-lane_.

Tho. Collet _Thames-street_.

John Coleman _Saint-Swithins-lane near Lombard Street_.

Mr. Collier _Aldermanbury, Blackwelhall Factor_.

Thom. Compere _Fishstreet hill_.

David Conyard _Fanchurch-street_.

Will. Conen _Laur. Pount. Lane_.

John Cooker _Crutchet-fryars_.

Thom. Cooper _Well-Court Soaper-lane_.

Hen. Cornish _Cateaton-street near Blackwelhall-gate Factor_.

Mr. Corn _Newington Green_.

Mr. Cook _Chain Alley_.

Will. Cook _Mark-lane_.

Mr. Cook _Fanchurch-street_.

John Cook _Austin-fryars_.

Ralph Cook _Laur. Pount. hill_.

Tho. } & } Cook, _Basinghall-street_. Joh. }

Mr. Cook _Goodmans-fields_.

Thom. Cook _Hackney_.

George Cock _Greenwich_.

Edw. Cooth _Basinghall-street_.

Peter Coston _Sherbon-lane_.

Edw. Coston _St. Dunstan’s hill_.

Dan. _C_oston _Hackney Town_.

Mr. _C_ordial _Bankside_.

Rich. _C_otton _Redriff_.

Adam _C_ottrill _Bush-lane Scot-yard_.

Tho. _C_oulson _Tower Royal_.

Mr. Coventrey _Threadneele-str._ [sic.]

Walter _C_oventrey _Gr. St. Hellens_.

George Cowart _in Basinghall Street_.

Mr. Cox _Newington Town_.

Joseph Cox _Berry Street_.

Benja. } & } Cox, _St. Martins Lane_. Jam. }

Mr. Craker, _London-wall_.

Eben. Craker _Barnaby Street Southwark_.

Tho. Crawley _Mincin-lane_.

John Cranenbergh _St. Martins lane_.

Mr. Christopher _Ironmonger lane_.

Abrah. Christian _Threadneedle Street_.

Edw. Crisp _Towerhill_.

John Crisp _Breadstreet_.

Elias Crisp } & } _in Cheapside at the Angel near Bread-street_. Mr. Lounes }

Will. Crisp _Cheapside at the Hen and Chickens_.

James Cropp _Fanchurch Street_.

Jacq. Crosse _Philpot lane_.

John _C_rosse _at the Three Pigeons in Cornhill_.

John _C_rose _Lymestreet_.

Mr. _C_rosborn _Lovelane_.

Rich. _C_rosman _Lovelane_.

John _C_roger _Armitage, East-country Walk Exchange_.

Tho. _C_room _Nicholas lane_.

Twi. _C_rowder _Lymestreet_.

Tho. _C_rowdell _Colemanstreet Bell Alley_.

Mr. _C_row _Queenstreet_.

Will. _C_rouch _Berrystreet_.

Mat. Cadwell _Broadstreet Excise Office_.

Mr. _C_umporter _Barnabystreet_.

Mr. _C_umporter _Berrystreet_.

Mr. _C_utler _Basinghall-street, Blackwelhall Factor_.

Tho. _C_utler _Austinfryars_.

Tho. _C_utler _Broadstreet_.

Mr. _C_utteris _Berrystreet_.

Mr. _C_uttalis _ditto_.

John _C_urtis _Little Trinity-lane_.


Tho. Dade _Suffolk-lane_.

Mat. Daffing _St. Mary Ax_.

Mr. Dakers _Clarkenwell Green_.

Mr. Dallington _Roodlane_.

Henry Dandy _Beerlane_.

Peter Daniel _the Bridge_.

Robert Daniel _neer Alhallows Thames-street_.

Mr. Daniers _Peters-hill_.

Mat. Datheler _St. Mary Ax_.

Tho. Dashwood _Copthall Court Throgmortonstreet_.

Fran. } & } Dashwood _without Bishopsgate_. Sam. }

Edw. Davenport _Little St. Hellens_.

Mr. Davenport _Ironmonger-lane_.

John Davalwid _St. Martins-lane_.

Tho. Davall _Kings-Arms-Yard Colemanstreet_.

Jacob David _Little Tower-street_.

John Davis _Aldermanbury Love lane_.

Tho. Davits _Moorfields near the Postern by Petty France_.

Tho. Davis _Broadstreet_.

Mr. Dawson _Lovelane_.

Mr. Dawes _Horse Ferry West_.

Nich. Dawes _Little Towerstreet_.

Mr. Dawes _Roodlane_.

Tho. Death } & } _Marklane_. Mr. Death }

Edm. Deathick _Copthall Court Throgmortonstreet_.

Tho. Dean _Pancrast-lane_.

Rich. Dean _Old Gravel-lane_.

David Debarri _at Mr. Dorvills Walbrook_.

Peter Debarr _Broadstreet_.

Mr. Debarr _ditto_.

John Debart _St. Martins-lane_.

John Deboys _Aldermanberry. Love-lane_.

Thom. Decraw _Colchesterstreet_.

Jacq. Decocque _Threadneedle-street_.

Ignat. Decoque _Lymestreet_.

Mr. Decluse _Islington_.

Alvaro Decosta _Budgerow_.

Mr. Decostus _Dukes-place_.

Peter Decoker _Cullam Street_.

Rowl. Dee Senior, _Poultry_.

Rowl. Dee Junior, _Bowlane_.

Sir Ba. Degomaz _Berrystreet_.

John Degrave _Bishopsgate without Half-moon Alley or Angel Alley_.

John Degrave _Old Fishstreet_.

Abrah Degelder } & } _White Chappel, Adam and Eve Court_. Corn Degelder }

John Delachambre _Fanchurch-str_.

Isaac Delleliers _Leadenhall street_.

Mr. Deliens _Roodlane_.

Mr. Delorey _Berry Street_.

Franc. Deliz _ditto_.

Gabr. Delaport _Abchurch lane_.

Robert Deluna _Great Saint Hellens_.

Jos. Delliviers _Throgmort. street_.

Lyon Delliviers _ditto_.

Peter Delmey _Lymestreet_.

Peter Delmay _Barnabystreet_.

John Delmey _Pancras lane_.

Mr. Delebarr _Hackney Town_.

Wil. Delawood _Nicholas lane_.

John Delowry _Gracechurchstreet. near Fanchurchstreet at an Ironmongers_.

Mr. Delane _Hogsden_.

Mr. Delacy _Berrystreet_.

Fra. Delate _at the hand and Glove in Cannon-street_.

Mr. Delate _Cullam-street_.

Mr. Demingo _Mugwell street_.

Mr. Demancing _Harp lane_.

John Demanel _ditto_.

Dan. Demetrius _Berrystreet_.

Dan. Demetrius _Three Crown Court Southwark_.

Solo. Demodina _Great St. Hellens_.

Nath. } & } Denew, _Marklane_. James }

Benj. Denew _Shadwell_.

Nath. Denham _Lymestreet_.

Edw. Denham _Garlick-hill_.

Rich. Dent _Austin-fryars_.

Mr. Denon _the Postern_.

Mr. Depostus _Dukes Place_.

Abrah. Deporta _St. Mary Ax_.

Anth. Depremont _Austin Fryars_.

Franc. Depary _Fanchurch-Street_

Mr. Dermedo _St. Mary Ax_.

Mr. Defkin _Pancras-lane_.

Peter Devitt _Leadenhall-street_.

Will. Dewitt _Bush-lane Scotch-yard_.

Mich. Dewing _Princess Street_.

Will. Deworth _Lauren. Pountney Lane_.

Mr. Dewker _Cullam Street_.

John Deway _Leadenhall Street_.

Mr. Dewell _ditto_.

Mr. Devester _Broadstreet_.

Chris. Deynot _Cullam Street_.

Mart. Deynens _at Mr. Webs Throgmorton-Street_.

Mr. Dickson _Crown-Court Fish-street Hill_.

John Dickinson _Throgmorton street_.

Benj. Diens St. _Dunstan’s hill_.

Will. Disher _Walbrook_.

Mr. Dison _Bankside_.

Lewis Doe _Aldermary Churchyard_.

Mr. Dodsworth _Hummerton in Hackney_.

Chris. Dodsworth _Poultrey_.

John Doggett _Lawrence Pount. Hill_.

David Dooley _Swithin-lane_.

Mr. Doolenson _Kingsland_.

James Donalson _Roodlane_.

John Dorvill _Walbrook_.

Mr. Dorasalis _Copthal Court, Throgmorton Street_.

Mr. Dormon _Bell Alley Coleman-street_.

John Drake _at Mr. Colemans_ in _Swithin lane near Lombard Street_.

Tim. Drake _Bunhill_.

Sam. Draper _Tokenhouse-yard_.

John Dregue _Angel Court without Bishopsgate_.

Phil. Duboys _Great Trinity lane_.

Thom. Ducke _Suffolk-lane_.

Paul Dockminique _Vine Court Spittlefields_.

Pall. Dockminique Junior, _Colemanstreet_.

Peter } & } Ducaine _Pancras-lane_. Jam. }

Benja. } & } Ducane, _Queenstreet_. Sam. }

Peter } & } Dugua, _Covent-garden Henrietta Street_. Ant. }

And. Duff _Lodger Bishopsgate-street next an Upholsters_.

Henry Dunster _Mincinlane_.

Henry Dunster _Roodlane_.

Mich Dunwell _Colemanstreet_.

Rich Dunidge _and Comp Devonshire house_.

Thom. Duncombe _Colemanstreet Blackwelhall Factor_.

Dan. Duprie _Artillary-lane_.

John Durdan _Bankside_.

Dan. Duthais _Aldermary Church, at Mr._ Lewis Doe.

Mr. Dikes _Colemanstreet_.


John East _Oxford Court Cannon Street_.

Mr. East _Horsey-down_.

Isaac Eastwick, _Hackney Town_.

John Eaton, _Buttolph-lane_.

Nich. Eaton _ditto_.

Theod. Ecckelston, _Gracechurch Street Crown-Court_.

Sir Jam. Edwards _Islington_.

John Edwards _Philpot-lane_.

Will. Edwards _Coleman-street_.

Dan. Edwards, _Walbrook_.

Palati Edwards, _Mary Old-stairs Southwark_.

Mr. Edwards, _Ropemakers Alley_.

Hump. Edwin _Great St. Hellens_.

Mr. Edworth _Hogsden_.

Mr. Eggleston, _Bankside_.

John Eglesfield _at the Pewter-platter Cannon-street, Lodger_.

Johnmartin Elkins, _Law. Poun. lane_.

Mr. Elkins _Bishopsgate without_.

Matth. Elison, _Cannon-street_ near _London-stone_.

John Elison _Berry-street_.

Franc. Elison _Mark-lane_.

Jerem. Elwise _Tokenhouse-yard_.

Ald. Ellis _Saint Pauls Churchyard_.

Mr. Elson _at the Postern Blackwelhall Factor_.

Rich. Emes _Fanchurch-street_.

Mr. Emson, _Warwick Court in Warwick-lane_.

Rich. Ely, _Bishopsgate-street over against the Posthouse_.

John Evans _at Mr._ Sparows _a Packers in Swan Alley Coleman-street_.

John Evans _Michael-lane_.

John Eyles _Great St. Hellens_.

Derick Eyles, _Leadenhall-Street_.

John Eldreed _at Mr._ Folio _in Dove-Court_.

Mr. Ahearns. _Law. Pou. hill_.


Mr. Fade _Bowlane_.

Jos. Feak _Grace-church-street Nagshead-Court: (and Comp.)_

Sam. Feak _Bow-lane_.

Edw. Fane, _Philpot-lane_.

Mr. Fanne, _Broadstreet_.

Prosper Fenton, _Seething-lane_.

Rob. Fendall, _Nich. lane_.

Rob. Fellowes, _Aldersgate-street_.

John Fellowes, _Throgmorton-street_.

George Finch _Great St. Hellens_.

Tho. Finch, _Ditto_.

Mr. Finch, _Petty France by Moorfields_.

Edw. Fincham, _Budge-row_.

Mr. Fincham, _Kingsland_.

John Flavill, _Law. Pount. hill_.

Mr. Fleming, _St. Mary Ax_.

Mr. Fletcher, _Thomas Apostle_.

Mr. Fletcher, _Spittle-fields_.

Mr. Fleet, _Mark-lane_.

John Farfax, _Bunhill_.

Tho. Farington, _his Warehouse, Mincin-lane, at a Packers_.

Tho. Firming, _Three Kings Court Lombard-street_.

George Fisher, _ditto_.

Franc. Flide, _Bankside_.

Mr. Flide, _Milkstreet_.

Mr. Folio, _Berrystreet_.

Rich. Folio, _Broadstreet_.

John Folio, _ditto_.

Rob. Folkner, _Lymestreet_.

Jef. Foldes, _Loathburry_.

James Foules, _Clements-lane at a Milliners_.

Rich. Foot, _Roodlane_.

Sir Ri. Ford, _Tower-hill_.

Mr. Ford, _Kings-Arms-yard. Colemanstreet_.

Mr. Ford, _Shadwell_.

Jer. Forman, _Law. Pount. hill_.

Mr. Fortley, _Execution Dock_.

Anth. Foster, _Berrystreet_.

Rich. Foster, _Law. Pount. hill_.

Will. Foster, _Three Kings Court Lombard-street_.

Mr. Foster, _Queenstreet_.

Mr. Foster, _at the Ball in Lombard-street_.

Peter Fountain, _Watling street_.

Mr. Founds _Pickle-herring_.

Sam. Foxley, _Nagshead-Court Gracechurch street and Comp_.

Sam. Fulwood _Throgmorton-street_.

Matth. Fuller, _Cateaton street_.

John Furley, _at Mr. Peter Langley Gracechurch-street_.

John Forley _St. Dunstans hill_.

Tho. Framton, _Milkstreet near the Red Cow_.

Jos. Frances, _Camomile street_.

Mr. Frances _Clarkenwell_.

Simon Francia, _Leaden hall street_.

Dom. Francia, _ditto_.

Sir Jo. Frederick, _Old Jury_.

Will. Freeman, _Fanchurchstreet_.

John Freeman, _ditto_.

Ald. Freeman, _Deadmans-place_.

Mr. Frencham, _Leadenhall Street_.

Phil. French, _Bushlane Scot-yard_.

Basil Fyerbraste, _Mark-lane_.


Hen. Gall, _Great St. Hellens_.

John Gardner, _Fanchurch-street_.

Franc. Gardner, _Bow Churchyard_.

Will. Garfoot, _Nicholas lane_.

Mr. Gaseronne, _St. Mary Ax_.

John Gasp, _Tokenhouse-yard_.

Dan. Gates, _Artichoak-lane Wapping_.

Franc. Gay, _Basinghall-street_.

Mr. Gay, _Hogsden_.

John Genopen, _Castleyard Westminster_.

Hen. Gennen, _at Mr. Dukes Suffolk lane_.

Mr. Gener, _Milkstreet_.

Mr. Gewan _Drans Yard Westminster Street_.

Mr. Gibson, _Waterlane_.

[I]John Gibson, _at Mr. Preston’s Brewhouse in St. Katharines_.

Mr. Gibness, _Blackfryars_.

Hen. Gibes, _Clarkenwell_.

Will. Gibes, _Southwark_.

Thom. Glover, _Clements lane_.

Thom. Glover, _Nich. lane_.

Mr. Goyer, _Princes street_.

Mr. Goldens, _Austin-fryars_.

Will. Golstone, _Nich. lane_.

Hen. Gold, _Brigendine Court, Basinghall-street_.

Sir Th. Gold _Aldermanberry_.

John Gold, _Crutchet-fryars in Gold Court_.

Nich. Gold, _Lymestreet_.

John Gold, _Turkey Walk in the Exchange, or at Clapham_.

Jam. Gold, _Islington, Turkey Walk_.

Mr. Gold, _Newington_.

Cha. Goldstone, _ditto_.

Mr. Goldney, _Bloomsbury_.

Sam. Godfrey, _Poultrey_.

Benj. Godfrey, _Tokenhouse yard_.

Mr. Godard, _Mugwell Street_.

Mich. Godfrey, _Bush-lane_.

Tho. Goddard, _Coleman street_.

Mr. Goddard, _Little Britain_.

George Goderis, _Laurence Pountney lane_.

Edw. Godwin, _Soaper lane_.

Mr. Gooding _Bishopsgate without_.

Hen. Goodhew, _Buttolph lane_.

Anto. Gommeswares, _Creedchurch lane_.

Anth. Gomeserd, _Berry street_.

John Gunston, _at Blackwelhall_.

Jacq. Gonsaldus, _Dukes Place_.

Ja. Gonsalus, _Leadenhall Street_.

Christ. Goore, _Coleman street_.

George Gospright, _Tokenhouse Yard_.

Will. Goslin, _Pancras lane_.

Thom. Gurden, _Turkey Walk at the Exchange_.

John Gurden, _Mark-lane_.

Mr. Gouff, _Armitage_.

Mr. Gandiat _at a Packers, Loathbury_.

Cha. Gravener _in Watling-street at the Black-Swan_.

Roger Gray _Crutchet-fryars_.

Nich. Gray _Barge yard Crutchet Fryars_.

Roger Gray, _Garlick Hill_.

Mr. Granenta, _Lymestreet_.

Mr. Grayso, _Moorfields_.

John Grace _Half-Moon Alley Bishopsgate without_.

Phil. Graves _Martins lane_.

Anth. Green, _Bishopsgate without_.

Mr. Grindall, _Dukes place_.

Richard Griffeth, _Bishopsgate street_.

Thom. Griffeth _ditto_.

Edw. Griffeth _Barge Yard Bucklersberry_.

Tho. Griffeth _at a Packers in Eastcheap_.

Rich. Griffeth, _Bucklersberry_.

Mr. Grinwell _Colemanstreet, Blackwelhall Factor_.

Mr. Groves _Dukes-place_.

Phil. Grover _Martins-lane_.

John Grove, _Princes street_.

Antho. } Adam } Gronen _Devonshire house_. Fred. }

Rich. Gronden, _Old Fish-street_.

Mr. Gumper _Bunhill_.

Will. Gun _Billingsgate_.


Franc. Hacker, _Gun yard Houndsditch_.

Peter Hacker _at_ Paul Darby, _Leadenhall street_.

Mr. Hackwell, _Hackney Town_.

Jasp. Haines, _Thames street_.

Rob. Hagshaw, _White-hart Court_.

John Hagshaw _and Turner, Suffolk Lane_.

Will. Hage, _George Yard Lombard Street_.

Mr. Hall _at the Postern, Blackwelhall Factor_.

Edw. Hall _Gravel lane Houndsditch_.

Mr. Hall, _Chequer Yard Dowgate_.

Hen. Hall, _Islington_.

John Hall, _ditto_.

Mr. Hall, _Stepney_.

Mr. Hall, _Berry-street_.

John Hall, _Fanchurch street at Mr. Baxter_.

Nath. Hallride, _Winchester street_.

Roger Haley, _Scot Yard, Bush Lane_.

John Halworthy, _Swithins-lane near Lombard Street_.

Sir Mat. Halworthy, _Hackney, Spanish Walk Exchange_.

Edw. Halford, _Bun Hill_.

Edw. Halford, _Clarkenwell Green_.

William Hamley, _Thames Street_.

Mr. Hamond, _Fanchurch street_.

John Hamford, _Buttolph lane_.

Chris. Hambleton, _Bush lane, Scot yard_.

Stephen Hames, _Bull and Mouth Street_.

Hen. Hamson, _ditto_.

Walter Hampton, _Gravel lane Houndsditch_.

Mr. Hamle _Tooly street_.

Mr. Hancock, _St. Laurence lane_.

John Hanceouse, _Berry street_.

Mr. Hantbotow _Broadstreet_.

Mr. Hanwock, _Budge-row_.

Rob. Hanson, _Sice-lane_.

Rich. Hanson, _ditto_.

Mr. Hanes _Coleman Street Blackwelhall Factor_. [sic.]

Mr. Hartley, _Fanchurch-Street_.

Thom. Hartley, _Throgmorton street_.

Nath. Hartley, _Swithin’s lane_.

Ralph Hardwick, _Grace-church Street_.

Thom. Hardwick Hackney, _Spanish Walks_.

Tho. Hardwick _London Wall near Broadstreet_.

Mr. Harwick _Loathberry_.

William Harwell _Colchester street_.

Hen. Harbin _Mark-lane_.

John Harbin _Great Saint Hellens_.

Edw. Harrison _Roodlane_.

John } & } Harrison _Clements-lane_. Will. }

Hen. Harris _Saint Dunstans Hill_.

Mr. Hart _Throgmorton Street_.

Tho. Hartops _Lymestreet_.

Mr. Harrow _Winchester street_.

John Harwood _Mich. lane_.

Mr. Harwood _St. Antlins_.

John Harwood _Mile-end Green_.

Mr. Harwood _Mile-end Town_.

Mr. Harvey _Swithin’s lane_.

Jo. Harvey _Beerbinder lane_.

Mr. Harvey _St. Mary Hill_.

Ralph Hanwock _Waping_.

Will. Harlman _at Mr._ Cha. Corcelus _in Waping_.

Mr. Hanly _at Fresh-Wharf_.

Anth. Harrispe, _Coleman-street, King’s-Arms-Yard_.

Tho. Harrington _Mark-lane_.

Hen. Haswell _Bush-lane_.

John Haselwood, _Goodmans-fields_.

Mr. Hasell _at the Spread Eagle in Gracechurch Street_.

John Hatner _Winchester Street_.

Joseph Hayward } and } in _Butolf-Lane_. Daniel Wagfield }

Mr. Hawes, _Clement’s lane_.

Mr. Hawkins _Colledge Hill_.

Chris. Hawkins _Walbrook_ at Mr. _Dishers_.

Mr. Hawkes _Clapton Hackney_.

Claud. Hayes _Fanchurch Street_.

John Hayes _Little St. Hellens_.

James } and } Hayes, _Gracechurch-street_. Joseph }

Rob. Hubold _Great St. Hellens_.

Sir Nat. Herne _Loathbury_.

Jos. Herne _at Sir_ ]ohn Fredericks [sic.] _in Old Jury_.

Sam. Heron _African house_.

Will. Hedges _Basinghall Street_.

Mr. Hedges _Broadstreet_.

Mr. Hemmings _Basinghall Street Blackwelhall Factor_.

Isaac Hemming _St. Mary hill_.

Thom. Heming _Tokenhouse Yard_.

John Hency, _St. Martins lane_.

Rich. Hamden _at_ Daniel Mercer _in Bartholomew Lane_.

Mr. Henman _Bankside_.

Peter } & } Henrique _Walbrook_. Pierce }

Cha. Herle _Aldermanberry_.

Peter Herringhook _Budge-row_.

Mr. Hermond _Bishopsgate without_.

Charles Herle _Junior and Comp. in Aldermanberry_.

Will. Hester _Borough Southwark_.

Mr. Hester _Bow Churchyard_.

Benj. Hewling _Coleman street_.

Rob. Hews _Kingsland_.

William Hibert _in Bell-Alley, Coleman-street_.

Matth. } & } Heybert, _Nags-head Court, ditto_. Abra. }

Will. } & } Hide, _Milkstreet, at the Rose_. Jos. }

Bedingfield Higham _Seething-lane_.

John Hill _Crutchet-fryars_.

Mr. Hill _Broadstreet_.

John Hill _Leadenhall-street_.

Franc. Hill _Bucklersberry_.

Edw. Hill _the Postern_.

John Hill _Minories_.

Mr. Hill _Bishopsgate without_.

Mr. Hill _Shadwell_.

Mr. Hill _Redriff_.

Edw. Hill _Basinghall-street Factor_.

Mr. Hillet _St. Antlins in Watlin-street_.

Nath. Hilton _at Newington, his Warehouse near the Bear and Fountain in Loathbury_.

Joseph Hincham _Pudding-lane_.

Thom. Hinchman _Aldersgate Street_.

Nich. Hinde _Abchurch lane_.

James Hinde _Bush-lane_.

Mr. Hinton _ditto_.

Mr. Hockton _Grubstreet_.

John } & } Hoet _Lymestreet_. Peter }

Mr. Holfsted, _at a Packer’s in Nicholas’s-lane_.

John Holmes _in Coleman-street_.

Andr. Holmes _in Nags-head-Court in Clements-lane_.

Nich. Hollaway, _in_ Nicholas’s _Lane. And_ Mr. Collet _in Company_.

Tho. Holder, _at the_ African-_House_.

Edw. Holford, _the Hambrough-Walk_.

Will. Hodges _Basinghall Street_.

Rich. Holt, _Bishopsgate street_.

Mr. Holt _Ironmonger lane_.

Mr. Holmes _Nicholas-lane_.

Tho. Holmes _Walbrook_.

John Holeman _Bell Alley Colemanstreet_.

Will. Holgate _Alderman-berry_.

James Holland _Woodstreet_.

Mr. Holsam, _Jewen street_.

Mr. Holcomb _Hatton garden_.

Rich. Holder, _Roodlane_.

Sir Wil. Hooker _Crown Court Grace-Churchstreet_.

Will. Hooker _Lymestreet_.

Caleb Hooke _Pye-Alley Fanchurch Street_.

Mr. Hooper _Wapping_.

Chris. Hopkins _Fanchurch street_.

Edw. _H_opegood _Loathbury_.

Mr. _H_oste _Hummerton in Hackney_.

Mr. _H_oward _Bow Churchyard_.

Mr. _H_owson, _Aldermanbury_.

Rich. _H_ow _at Billingsgate every Morning_.

Henry _H_ovener _Swithins Lane_.

Abrah. _H_ovener _Islington_.

Abr. Isaac } _H_oublon, _Winchester-Street_. and Jam. }

John _H_oblon _Threadneedle Street_.

Peter _H_oublon _Burbinder Lane_.

Peter _H_oublon _Sice Lane, Senior and_ Junior.

Maj. Pet. _H_oublon, _Budgerow_.

Nich. _H_udson _Towerhill_.

Abra. Hudson _Colchester-street_.

James Hutton _in Durham Yard_.

Mr. _H_ulford _Lambeth_.

Henr. _H_unter _Crutchet-fryars_.

Hen. _H_unter _Mincin-lane_.

Tho. _H_unt _Fanchurch-Street_.

Tho. _H_unt _Bow-lane_.

Tho. _H_oughton, } _and_ Bereclif } _Abchurch Lane_. _in_ Company }

David _H_utchingson St. _Mary hill_.

George _H_ockenhull, _Hackney_.

John _H_ough _Gravel lane Hounsditch_.

Ald. Joh. _H_ough _Clarkenwell Green_.

Steph. _H_oussan, _Thredneedle-street_.

John Housan, _ditto_.

Alexand. Hosea _in Momford Court in Milk-street_.


Will. Jarret _Lime-street_.

Jam. Jackson _Broadstreet_.

John Jackson _Clements-lane_.

Stephen } Joseph } Jackson, _Pye-Alley Fanchurchstreet_. Jems } Robert }

John Jackson _Tokenhouse Yard_.

Phillip Jackson _Lymestreet_.

Mr. Jackson _Fleet-Bridge_.

Stephen Jackson _St. Mary hill_.

James Jacob _Lymestreet_.

Will. Jacom, _Aldermary Churchyard_.

Abraham Jacob _Hatton garden_.

Theod. Jacobson, _Still-yard Thames-street_.

Samuel James _Threadneedlestreet_.

Peter James, _St. Mary Hill_.

Samuel James _Tokenhouse Yard_.

Abraham } Jaggard _neer Billingsgate_. Francis }

John Japoney _Bush-lane_.

Mark Jarvis _Colemanstreet_.

Mr. Ibrook _Dukes-place_.

Mr. Jerman _Bankside_.

Sir Rob. Jeffereys _Lymestreet_.

John Jeffery _Saint Mary Ax_.

Mr. Jekell _Wine-Office-Court Fleetstreet_.

Rich. Jelley _Michael-lane_.

Durr. Jenkinson, _Broadstreet_.

Rich. Jenkinson _Coleman-street_.

Widd. Jennings _Towerstreet_.

John Jennings _Shadwell_.

John Jenkins _Hogsden_.

Ald. Ireton _Finsbury_.

Sir Arth. Ingram _Hatton-garden_.

Will. Ingram _Winchester-street_.

John Johnson _Buttolph-lane at a Coopers_.

Will. Johnson _Old Gravel Lane_.

Capt. Johnson _Mile-end-Green_.

Will. Jones, _Bankside neer the Wind-mill_.

William Jones, _St. Mary Ax_.

Peter Jones, _ditto_.

Roger Jones, _ditto_.

Henry Jones _Abchurch lane_.

Leek Jones _Queen-street_.

John Jones _Bush-lane_.

John Jones _Basinghall-street_.

John Jones _Mincin-lane_.

William Jordan, _Basinghall street_.

Thomas Jorden _Billeter-lane_.

Anthony Jorden _Thames Street Cole harbor_.

Thomas Jorden _Swedeland Court Tower hill_.

John Jorden _Pettycoat lane_.

Merel Jorden _Clements lane_.

Peter Joy _St. Dunstan’s hill_.

Mr. Joyle _Armitage_.

John Joliff _Threadneedle-street_.

John Israel _Armitage_.

John Ive _Colchester street Tower hill_.

Ald. Jurin _Throgmorton-street_.

Will. Joliff _in the Strand_.

William Johnson _at a Cheesemongers in Thames-street neer Buttolph-lane_.

John Jurin _St. Dunstans hill_.

Isaac Jurin _Great St. Hellens_.

Mr. Jurin _Sice Lane_.

William Justice _Rosemary Lane_.


George Kate _Angel Court Bishopsgate without_.

Mr. Kem in _Laurence lane_.

Mr. Kelling _Clements lane_.

Franc. Kemp _Sice Lane_.

John Kent _Basinghall street_.

Thomas Kent _Bankside_.

James Kenier _Michael Lane_.

Henry Kendall _Bishopsgate Street_.

John Kendall _Strand_.

Henry Kendall _Basinghall Street, Blackwelhall Factor_.

John Kenuty _Horsley-Down Southwark_.

Peter Kesterman _Laurence Poun. lane_.

Thomas Kett _Gravel Lane_.

Mr. Keys _Islington_.

William Kiffin _little Morefields_.

Rich. Kickerbart _in Whitechappel near the Barrs_.

Mr. Kickerine _Watling street_.

Mr. Kitle _Throgmorton street_.

Mr. Kimball _Laurence Pount. hill_.

Lem. Kingdom _Cornhill_.

Edw. King _Lymestreet_.

Mr. King, _Peters Alley_.

Mr. King _Waping_.

Mr. King _Hogsden_.

Mr. King _Bednall Green_.

Isaac Kingsland _in Thames street near the Customhouse_.

John Knape, _Basinghall street_.

Sir Rob. Knightly _Seething Lane_.

Mr. Knightly _Thames street_.

Luce Knightly _Basinghall Street_.

Mr. Knightly _Hackney_.

Rand. Knipe _Fanchurch street_.

Jasper Kawes _Thames street_ near _Alhallows_.

John Kouse _Pauls Wharf_.

John Kroger _Waping, Execution-Dock, in the East-walk Exchange_.


Tho. Lackstone _Leadenhall Street_.

Mr. Lagley _Threadneedle Street_.

Mr. Lambeth _Creed Church Lane_.

John Lamb _Cullam Street_.

Mr. Lamb _Bell-Alley Coleman-street_.

Ezek. Lampaine _Dove-Court Swithins Lane_.

John Langham _Leadenhall Street_.

John Langley _Great Saint Hellens_.

Mr. Lang _Lymestreet_.

Mr. Langford _ditto_.

Mr. Langton _Bankside_.

Mr. Lanvey _Dukes Place_.

John Langworth _Basinghall str. Blackwelhall Factor_.

Sam. Lamott _Wheatsheaf-Alley Thames Street_.

George Lawrence _Mark lane_.

Sir John Lawrence _Great Saint Hellens_.

John } & } Lawrence _Queenstreet_. Pet. }

Jam. Lawrey _Crooked lane_.

Gawyn Lawrey _Three Kings Court Lombard street_.

Steph. Lawes _Beerbinder lane_.

Mr. Laweswood _Tower street_.

John Law _Bankside_.

John Lavero _Lymestreet_.

Mr. Lasher _Little Tower hill_.

Mr. Layta _Aldermanbury_.

Mr. Leigh in _Cullam street, in Comp. with_ Thomas.

Mr. Leekins _Newington Town_.

Jos. Lee _Throgmorton street_.

Ralph Lee _Threadneedle street_.

Mr. Lee _George Yard Lombard Street_.

Godfrey Lee _Coleman Street_.

Ald. John Lane, _in St. Lawrence-lane_.

Gerard Langerman, _Burchin-lane_.

John Legendre _Nags-head Court Gracechurch street at Mr._ Heybert.

John Legg _London Wall_.

Mr. Legg _Coleman street_.

Mr. Legole _Basinghall street_.

Isaac Legay _Finsbury_.

David Legrill _Beerbinder lane_.

John Lemkuell _Crooked lane_.

Benj. Lenud, _Bucklersbury_.

Hertag. Lenton _Broadstreet near London-wall_.

Mr. Lepiner _Southwark_.

Sir Jo. Lethulier _Mark lane_.

Samuel } Will & } Lethulier, _Broadstreet_. Abra. }

Chisto. Lethulier _Turn-wheel-lane_.

Mr. Leuthalier _Bush lane_.

Nath. Letton _Fanchurch-street_.

John Letton _Turn-wheel-lane_.

Steph. Lewis, _Fan-Church-street_.

Thomas Lewis, _little St. Hellens_.

John Lewis, _St. Mary Hill_.

John Lewis, _Poultrey_.

Sam. Lewin _Barnaby-street_.

Charles Lequein, _Crown Court in Spittle-fields_.

George Leygo, _the Bridge_.

Robert Liddell, _Cornhill_.

Mr. Lightfoot, _Abchurch-lane_.

James Lile, _St. Mary Hill_.

Mr. Lille, _Dowgate_.

Roger Lillington, _Ironmonger-lane_.

Humph. Linton, _Broadstreet_.

James Littleton, _Berry-street_.

Thomas Little, _Thames-street_.

Mr. Littlepage _Clements-lane_.

Mr. Littlepage, _Abchurch-lane_.

Mr. Lock _St. Bartholmew Close_.

Samuel Lock, _Rood-lane_.

Mr. Lock, _Tower-street_.

Mr. Lock, _Goodmans-fields_.

Mr. Lodwick, _Fan-Church-street_.

Henry Lombery, _Cheapside at the Kings Arms_.

Mr. Longbottom, _Basinghall-street, Blackwell-hall-Factor_.

Timothy Lemotuux, _in Bow lane_.

Henry Loo, _London-wall_.

William Lob, _Tower-street_.

Mr. Lose, _Bank-side_.

Henry Loads _St. Mary-hill_.

Sir Will. Loder, _Mark-lane_.

Jacob _L_uce, _Fan-Church-street_.

Michael _L_uce, _Dukes-Place_.

Mr. _L_udlow, _Bow-lane_.

Nath. _L_odington, _Aldermanbury_.

James _L_ordell _Fish-street-hill by the Monument_.

John _L_orimore, _Rood-lane_.

John _L_ord, _Austin-Fryers, at_ Mr. _Gar Vanvythusten_.

Mr. _L_orcaine _Queen-street_.

John _L_ongent _Fan-Church-str_.

Ald. Love, _St. Mary Ax_.

Mose Lowman, _Fan-Church-street_.

John Lloyd, _Martins-lane_.


Mr. Mace, _Lyme-street_.

David Malvin _St. Dunstans hill_.

Mr. Man, _Lyme-street_.

Mr. Mansfield, _Queen-street_.

Samuel Mansfield, _Gravelane. Hounds-ditch_.

John Maning, _Loathburry_.

Ralph Maning _and_ Hide, _Coleman-street_.

Joseph Martin, _Rood-lane_.

Jasper Martin, _Mark-lane_.

John Martin, _Garlick-hill_.

Mr. Martin, _Hatton-Garden_.

John Martin, _Broad-street_.

Mr. Mart, _Hatton-Garden_.

Mr. Marandew, _Berry-street_.

Mead. Marvill, _Threadneedle-street_.

Samuel Marvill, _Seething-lane_.

Mr. Marriot, _Threadneedle-street_.

Mr. Marsh, _St. Mary-Ax_.

Mr. Marsh, _Trinity-lane_.

Mr. Marsh, _Finsbury_.

Rich. Marsh, _Shore-ditch_.

Mr. Marsh, _Lambeth_.

George Marwood, _Lawr. Pount. lane_.

Briant Marshall _at a Packer’s in Mincin-lane_.

John Marshall, _Barnaby-street_.

Mr. Marshall, _Montague-Close Southwark_.

Widd. Marke, _Fan-Church-street_.

Mr. _M_arkum, _Wine-Office-Court, Fleet-street_.

John _M_arvin, _Crutchet-fryars_.

_The Widdow of_ Lawr. Martell _in Fanchurch street_.

James _M_arthwaite, _Leaden-hall-street_.

Robert _M_asters, _Crutchet-Fryers_.

Robert _M_asters, _Leaden-hall-str_.

John _M_ascal, _Throgmorton-street_.

Robert _M_ason, _Nicholas-lane_.

Nath. _Mason_, _Bell-Alley Coleman-street_.

Mr. Mason, _Iron-monger-lane, Blackwel-hall Factor_.

John Matthews, _St. Mary-hill_.

Sir John Matthews, _in Fan-Church-street, at a Packers near Cullam-street_.

George Matson, _lodger at an Upholsterer’s, Cornhill_.

Mr. Matthews, _Bow-lane_.

William Matthews, _Scotyard in Bushlane_.

Richard Matthews, _Basing-hall-street, Blackwell-hall-Factor_.

John Mead, _Great St. Hellens_.

William Mead _Fan-Church-street_.

Robert Matthews, _in Crutchet-Fryers_.

Nicholas Mead, _at a Confectioners, in Leadenhall street, near Lyme street_.

John Mead, _Tower-hill_.

John Mear, _Tower Royal_.

Henry Meas, _Berry-street_.

William Metcalf, _at the Cross-keys, Camomile-street_.

Robert Melish, _Philpot-lane_.

Mr. Mepot, _Throgmorton-street_.

John Morden, _Bishopsgate-street_.

Mr. Merreday, _Cateaton-street_.

Mr. Mereton, _King-street_.

Thomas Merry _and_ Comp. _Garlick hill_.

Daniel Mercer, _Bartholomew-lane_.

Samuel Merrel, _Seething-lane_.

John Merlin, _Broad-street_.

Mr. Mevill _near Fishmongers Hall, Thames-street_.

Mr. Merat, _Grace-Church-str_.

Mr. Megoll, _Gravel-lane, Houndsditch_.

Mark Maubart, _Throgmorton-street, New Court_.

Samuel } and } Michael, _Poultrey_. Charles }

Mr. Michael, _the Bridge_.

Bernard Michael, _Clements-lane, Nags-head Court_.

Richard Middleton, _Crutchet-fryers_.

Mr. Middleton, _Coleman-street_.

Francis Miller, _Throgmorton-street_.

Mr. Miller, _Lyme-street_.

William Miles, _Lombard-street at_ Tho. White’s.

Edward Miles, _Bush-lane_.

Francis Millington, _Lawr. Pount. lane_.

Mr. Mitton, _in Aldermanbury_.

John Mitford, _Fan-Church-str_.

Robert Mitford, _Tenter-Alley, More-fields_.

Anthony Mingay, _Swithins-lane, near Lombard-street_.

John Miggot, _Threadneedle-str_.

Mark Mortimore, _Tower-hill_.

Mr. Moria, _great St. Hellens_.

John Morgan, _Lodger, at Mr._ Hopegoods, _Throgmorton-street_.

Peter Moreman, _at a Packers in Mincin-lane_.

Samuel _M_orse, _Austin-Fryers_.

Edward Morse, _Token-house-yard at Mr._ Drapers.

William _M_orse _ditto_.

John _M_oris, _Austin-Fryers_.

Humph. _M_oris, _Broad-street_.

Richard _M_oris, _Cateaten-street_.

_M_r. Morto, _Ropemakers-Alley_.

Thomas Morgan, _Aldermanbury_.

Simon _M_orse, _Cheapside_.

Nicholas Moysie, _Pancras-lane_.

_M_oses Mocate, _Camomile-street_.

Mr. Montey, _great St. Hellens_.

Mr. Montey, _Jewen-street_.

Richard Monniel, _Princess-street_.

Peter Montage, _Austin-Fryers_.

Stephen Montage, _Winchester-street_.

Mr. Monuty, _Leaden-hall-str_.

Robert Monteth, _at a Packers Lawr. Pount.-lane_.

Sir John Moore, _Mincin-lane_.

George Moore, _Minories_.

Henry Moody, _Colchester-street_.

Abra. Moone, _Great St. Hellens, Comp. with Chamberlain_.

Fred. Mooles, _Angel-Court Throgmorton-street_.

Peter Mody, _Walbrook, the sign of the Golden-key_.

Charles Muddeford, _Fan-Church street_.

Abra. Mumma, _Crutchet-Fryers_.

Mr. Muson, _Barnaby-street_.

Mr. Muce, _Fan-Church-street_.

Sam. Moyer, _Walbrook_.

Mr. Moyer, _Rope-makers-Alley_.


Edward Neal, _Poultrey_.

Sir Godard Nelthorpe, _Clarkenwell_.

James Nelthorpe, _Charterhouse Yard_.

John Nelson, _Cannon-street_.

Captain Needum, _Aldermanbury_.

Mr. Nunsan, _Rosemary-lane_.

Benj. Newland, _Mark-lane_.

Samuel Newton, _Crown-Court, Grace-Church-street_.

John Newton, _Crutchet-Fryers_.

John Newton, _Mile-end-Town_.

August. Newball, _Grub-street_.

John Nichols, _Tower-hill_.

Phil. Nichols, _ditto_.

John Nichols, _Mincin-lane_.

Daniel Nichols, _Ironmonger-lane_.

Richard Nichols, _Rosemary-lane_.

Edward Nichols, _Broad-street_.

Humph. Nicholson, _Mile-end-green_.

Jeff. Nightingall, _Clements-lane_.

Lawr. Nigi, _Walbrook, Bonds Court_.

Henry Norton, _ditto_.

Mr. Norton, _Cateaten-street_.

Daniel Norton, _Cornhill_.

Heneage Norton, _at Mr._ Willoughby _Throgmorton-street_.

Mr. Norington, _Grace-Church-street_.

Mr. Norder, _the Horse-Ferry, Westminster_.

James Nunns, _near Dukes-Place_.

William Nutt, _Gun-yard Hounds-ditch_.

Mr. Nuport, _Cateaten-street, Blackwell-hall, Factor_.


Mr. Oadick, _Austin-Fryers_.

Pet. Oleverez, _Dukes-Place_.

Hermin Olmius, _Bishopsgate without Angel-Alley_.

Robert Oldworth, _Copt-hall-court, Throgmorton-street_.

Richard Onslow, _Hatton-Garden_.

Thomas Ondby, _Aldermanbury_.

Peter Otgar, _St. Mary-hill_.

Justin } and } Otgat _at Ald. Dogget, Lawrence Pount. hill_. Abra. }

William Otwood, _Lyme-street_.

Peter Orgueld, _Peter-hill_.

Mr. Orey, _Pudding-lane_.

Egbert Outvarst, _Great St. Hellens_.

John Osgood, _White-Hart Court, Grace-Church-street_.

Cornel. Oswald, _Berry-street_.

Richard Owens, _Swan-Alley, Coleman street_.

Peter Oversheld, _St. Mary-Ax_.

Richard Overman, _Oxford Court Cannon-street_.

Mr. Oyles, _Basing-hall-street, Blackwell-hall, Factor_.

Richard Oakley, _in Coleman-street, Blackwell-hall, Factor_.


John Page, _Bishopsgate-street_.

Mr. Pagetor, _Hogsdan_.

William Paggen, _St. Dunstan Hill_.

William Pain, _ditto_.

Mr. Painer, _Camomile Street_.

Abra. Palmentier, _in Goldsmith Street_.

Edward Palmer, _Nicholas Lane_.

William Palmer, _Bishopsgate without Angel Alley_.

Thomas Papillion, _Fan-Church-Str_.

Mr. Patts, _Fan-Church Street_.

Mr. Panier, _St. Mary-Ax_.

Mr. Panton, _Chiswell Street_.

Peter Paravicin, _Fanchurch str_.

Mr. Parker, _Buttolph-Lane_.

Robert Parker, _Fish-street Hill_.

Mr. Parker, _Throgmorton Street_.

Andrew Pancier, _in New Court Throgmorton street_.

Francis Pargetor, _Mon-Yard Black Fryers_.

Lewis Paran, _Bell Alley, Coleman Street_.

Mr. Parret, _Stepney_.

Daniel Parret, _Lawrence Pount. Hill_.

Mr. Parr, _little Moore Fields_.

Mr. Parsons, _Ironmonger Lane_.

Edward Parr, _Koxis Key_.

John Peatorson; _at a Packers in Basinghall Street_.

Sir John Peak _Grace-Church Street_.

William Peak, _Leadenhall Street_.

Benj. Peak, _Winchester Street_.

William Pocock, _Basinghall Street_.

Richard Peele, _Bankside_.

William Pennington _St. Mary-Ax_.

Isaac Pennington, _Well-Court, Queen Street_.

William Pendarvis, _Lyme Street_.

Richard Pendarvis, _Swithins Lane_.

Samuel Pen, _Without Algate_.

David Persore, _Dukes-Place_.

Movill } and } Perrera, _Dukes-Place_. Lopes }

William Petters, _Throgmorton Str_.

Mr. Pethouse, _Love Lane_.

Mr. Peps, _Threadneedle Street_.

Thomas Phillips, _Martins Lane_.

Mr. Phillips, _Bankside_.

Mr. Phillips, _Com. with Browne Lombard Street_.

Sir Rich. Pickett, _Loathbury_.

Mr. Pickett, _Berry Street_.

Mr. Pickett, _Colledge Hill_.

Mr. Pickett, _Fishstreet Hill at an Apothecary’s_.

James Pickering, _and Comp. Nicholas Lane for Ordnary_.

Thomas Pilkington _Bush Lane Scot Yard_.

William Pistorius, _at Mr._ Whitehead _Packer in Broad-Street_.

Mr. Pinchback _in Ironmonger Lane_.

Phillip Pim, _Mincin Lane_.

Stephen Pitts, _St. Dunstan Hill_.

Mr. Pitts, _the Bridge_.

William Plymton _London Wall Cross-keys Court_.

Mr. Playfoot, _Old Jury Blackwelhall Factor_.

Mr. Polixfield, _Walbrook_.

Thomas Polter, _Dukes-Place_.

Henry Polstead, _Bednal-Green_.

Mr. Ponia, _New Court Throgmorton Street_.

Mr. Pompillion, _Newsmans Yard Cornhill_.

Mr. Ponder, _Tower Street_.

James Pope, _Abchurch Lane_.

Alexand. Pope, _Broadstreet_.

Joseph Pope, _Redriff_.

Daniel Portaine, _Berry Street_.

William Portington, _Swithins lane_.

Mr. Pordage, _Lawr. Pountney Lane_.

John Pordage, _Cheapside, at the Swan and Harp_.

Josia Potter, _Loathbury_.

Mr. Potter, _Old Jury_.

George Potts, _Tower Street_.

Henry Pottinger, _Bankside_.

William Powell, _Abchurch Lane_.

_M_r. Powell, _the Bridge_.

William Poulden, _Gravill Lane, Hounds-ditch_.

William Poynes, _Throgmorton Str_.

Thomas Poynes, _Broad Street_.

_M_r. Prawing, _Oxford Court, Cannon Street_.

_M_r. Predox, _Michael Lane_.

John Prestwood, _Coleman Street_.

Captain Preston, _Mile-end-Green_.

Paul Priaulx, _Finsberry_.

Jos. Prickman, _Fanchurch Str_.

_M_r. Prickmez, _St. Mary-Ax_.

John Price, _Three King Court, Lombard Street_.

William Priscott, _Angel Court, Throgmorton Street_.

Edward Puckridge, _Broad Street_.

Robert Puckell, _Thames Street near Gally-key_.

Thomas Puckle, _Austin-Fryers_.

Samuel Putt _Beerbinder Lane_.

_M_r. Putick, _Berry Street_.

John Pym, _Winchester Street_.

David Prole, _Basinghall Street, Blackwell Hall Factor_.

Sir Will. Prayward, _at Carpenters Hall London-wall_.


Francis Rainsford, _Bow lane_.

John Raimez, _Mincin lane_.

James Ralphson, _Chequer Yard, Dowgate_.

_M_atthew Randall, _Chain Alley_.

Mr. Randall, _Fanchurch Street_.

Matthew Randall, _Throgmorton Str_.

Edward Randall, _Queen Street_.

_M_r. Randsosse, _great S. Hellens_.

Mr. Ranalson, _Martins lane_.

Francis Rape, _at a Confectioners in Walbrook_.

Mr. Ratliff, _Fishstreet Hill_.

George Ravencroft, _Westminster, Turkey Walk Exchange_.

John Rawlins, _Cloapton Hackney_.

John Rayner, _Leadenhall street_.

John Rayner, _Clements lane_.

Mr. Rayledge, _Devonshire-House_.

Mr. Reanals, _Basinghall street, Blackwel Hall Factor_.

Thomas Rea, _Princess Street_.

Mr. Reeves, _Great St. Hellens_.

Jos. Reeves, _Barnarby Street_.

John Reede, _Aldermanbury_.

Stephen Reade, _Leadenhall Street_.

Thomas Reeve, _Cornhill, lodger at an Upholsterers_.

William Regoat, _Gravil lane, Hounds-ditch_.

Arthur Remington, _Broad Street_.

Peter Renew, _Philpot lane_.

Theoph. Revell, _Thames Street near Billingsgate_.

John Richardson, _Water lane_.

Rand. Richardson, _near Fishmongers Hall_.

Edward Richbell, _Berry Street_.

Mr. Richmond, _Harp lane_.

John Riches, _Lawr. Pount. lane_.

Captain Rich, _Bankside_.

Henry Ricardus, _at Ald._ Jeffery’s _Berry Street_.

Mr. Richards, _without Newgate_.

_M_r. Ridley, _Grubstreet_.

William Robards, _Leadenhall street_.

Richard Robards, _without Bishopsgate_.

Gab. Robards, _London-Wall, Carpenters Hall_.

Gar. Robards, _White Hart Court, Grace Church str_.

Thomas Robards, _George Yard, Lombard Street_.

Mr. Robards, _Crooked lane_.

Mr. Robards, _Berry Street_.

Lenc. Robinson, _and Comp. Nicholas’s lane_.

Andrew Robinson, _Three Kings Court: Lombard Street_.

William Robinson, _Mark lane_.

Mr. Robinson, _Crooked lane_.

George Robins, _ditto_.

Mr. Robulus, _Berry Street_.

Gomez Rodrigues, _ditto_.

Nicholas Roo, _Leadenhall Street_.

Richard Roo, _White Hart Court Grace Church Street_.

Mr. Roo, _Corbit Court Grace Church Street_.

Rand. Roper, _near the Armitage_.

Jos. Rooksby, _Mincin lane_.

Mr. Rooksby } Mr. Rooksby } _Stepney_.

John Rowland, _Winchester street_.

Nicholas Rowles, _Threadneedle str_.

Timothy Royly, _Dowgate_.

John Royly, _Soper lane_.

Samuel Royston, _Bucklers Berry_.

Jeremy Royston, _Poultrey_.

Edward Rudge, _St. Mary-Ax_.

Mr. Rudge, _Redriff_.

Richard Russell, _Bush lane, Scot yard_.

Mr. Russell _by the Bridge_.

Mr. Rucket, _Minories_.


Mr. Sadler, _Mugwell Street_.

John Sadler, _Walbrook_.

Samuel Sale, _in Lymestreet Comp. with Scopin_.

Henry Salter, _Fanchurch street_.

Mr. Salter, _in Princes street_.

Richard Sallaway, _Oxford Court in Cannon street_.

John Sallaway, _at Mr._ Cockrams _Swithins lane_.

Samuel Sambrook, _Tower street_.

William Sambrook, _Queen street_.

Mr. Samuel, _Dukes-Place_.

Edward Sanders, _Thomas Apostles_.

John Sanders, _Throgmorton str_.

Philip Sanderson, _in St. Lowrence lane_.

Edward Sanders, _Buttolf lane_.

Mr. Sanders, _Thames street_.

Edward Sanders, _Newington Green_.

Henry Sanders, _Broadstreet_.

Mr. Sanders, _Bucklers Berry_.

John Sanford, _Basinghall street_.

Mr. Sands, _Beerbinder lane_.

Mr. Saneeis, _Talbot Court Grace Church street_.

Clem. Sawyer, _little Trinity lane_.

John Sawyer, _Ivy-lane_.

Abra. Sayon _at Mr._ Stubbs _in Swithins lane_.

Lucas Scantes, _Lyme-street_.

Mr. Scanly, _the Bridge_.

William Scarlet, _Tower street at a Drapers_.

Mr. Scarlet, _Newington Green_.

Edward Scuyt, _Loathybury at the Bear and Fountain_.

John Scopen _and Comp. Lyme-street_.

William Scoing, _Lawr. Pount. lane_.

Richard Scot _Basinghall street_.

Mr. Scot, _London-wall Blackwel Hall Factor_.

John Serape, _Loathbury_.

Daniel Scoken, _Threadneedle str_.

Mr. Scowell, _Buttolph lane_.

Edward Seaman, _Thames street_.

Michael Sederis, _Mark lane_.

Peter Sedgwick, _in Martins lane_.

Obad. Sedgwick, _Fanchurch str_.

Mr. Sedgwick, _Beerbinder lane_.

Mr. Sedgwick, _Swithins lane_.

Mr. Seneris, _little Eastchip_.

Joseph Serjeant, _St. John street, Irish-Walk Exchange_.

Arnold Sertillion, _Fanchurch street_.

Arth. Sexagomes, _Minories_.

Mr. Shaw, _St. Dunstans Hill_.

John Shelden, _Cannon street_.

John Shelden _in Dukes-Place near the Church_.

William Shelden, _the Bridge_.

Basal } and } Sherman, _Tower Hill_. Edmond }

William Sherrington, _Bishopsgate street_.

Henry Sheeth, _Aldermanbury_.

Samuel Shepherd, _Michaels lane_.

Mr. Shepherd, _Bucklersbury_.

John Shepherd, _White Hart Court Grace Church str_.

Thomas Shepherd, _Abchurch lane_.

Mr. Sherbrook, _Company, with Mr._ Clark _in Cheapside_.

William Sherbrook, _St. Hellens_.

Sir John Shorter, _Bankside_.

James Sherlock, _at Queen Hive_.

Charles Shorter, _ditto_.

William Short, _Ditto_.

Mr. Shieres, _Crutchet Fryers_.

Mr. Shieres, _Ratliff Cross_.

Mr. Shilgrove, _Buttolph lane_.

William Shipman _Tower Hill_.

Mr. Sigues, _Goodmans Fields_.

William Sikes, _lodger at a Packers in Swithins lane_.

Edward Silvester _Thames street_.

Mr. Silvester _Camomile street_.

Mr. Silgrove, _Love lane_.

Mr. Silver, _Minories_.

Mr. Silver _Camomile-street_.

George } and } Sitwell, _Leadenhall str_. Robert }

Thomas Symons, _Cateaton street_.

Edward Symons, _Masons Alley in Cornhill_.

Michael Sivex, _Mark lane_.

Daniel Skinner, _Crutchet Fryers_.

Benj. Skutt, _Great St. Hellens_.

John Skinner, _Austin Fryers_.

Daniel Skinner, _Barthol. lane_.

Mr. Skinner, _Camberry House at Islington_.

Mr. Skinner, _Ironmonger lane_.

Nath. Skinner, _Kings Arms Yard Coleman street_.

Mr. Skinner _in Cateaton sttreet_. [sic.]

Richard Slinger, _Philpot lane_.

Par. Slater, _Basinghall street Blackwelhall-Factor_.

Benj. Smart, _Broad street_.

Mr. Smith _in Grubstreet_.

Sir Jam. Smith, _Kings Arms Yard Coleman street_.

John Smith _Camomile street_.

Nicholas } and } Smith, _Little St. Hellens_. John }

Nath. _S_mith, _Woodstreet, at an Apothecary’s_.

John _S_mith _Cheapside_.

John _S_mith _Walbrook_.

Ald. _S_mith _Clarkenwell Green_.

Mr. _S_mith _ditto_.

Mr. _S_mith _ditto_.

Mr. _S_mith _Grubstreet_.

Mr. _S_mith _Water side near Billingsgate_.

Thomas _S_mith _backside the Exchange at a Packer’s_.

Ald. _S_mith, _Bankside_.

Thomas _S_mith _Bankside at a Pack_.

William _S_mith _Bunhill_.

Mr. _S_mith, _Peter’s Alley Cornh_.

James _S_mith _Clink street_.

John _S_mith _Mark lane_.

George _S_nell _Lawr. Pount. Hill_.

John _S_nelling _Tuly street_.

Mr. _S_now _Shadwell_.

William _S_omers _Aldermary Church Yard_.

Mr. _S_outhwell _Crutchet Fryers_.

Samuel _S_outhton _Broad street_.

John _S_outh _George Yard, Lombard street_.

Mr. _S_outherby _Hackney_.

Peter _S_outhwick _Coleman street_.

Mr. _S_picer _Abchurch lane_.

Mr. _S_picer _Goodmans Fields_.

Mr. _S_pencer _Minories_.

Mr. _S_pencer _Newington Green_.

Peter _S_plit _Armitage Wapping_.

Henry _S_pencer _Mark lane_.

_S_ir Tho. _S_tamp _Basinghall street_.

George _S_tanpel _a Stationer near the Exchange_.

Mr. _S_tandley, _St. Dunstans hill_.

Will. _S_tavendish _Thames street_.

Mr. _S_tacy _Pickle Herring_.

Mr. _S_tacy _Thames street near Billingsgate_.

Isa. _S_tackman _Broad street_.

Roger _S_tackhard _Coleman street_.

Mr. Stenenis _Berry street_.

Mr. _S_teneque _Threadneedle str_.

Farly _S_tephenson _at Billingsgate every morning_.

Mr. _S_tevenson _Threadn. street_.

Mr. Stevenson _Bishopsgate str_.

Thomas _S_tevenson _Old Fish-street_.

Richard _S_teele _Nags-head Court in Grace Church Street_.

Mr. _S_tenenis _Hogsdon_.

Mr. _S_teres _Tuly street_.

William _S_tiles _Shadwell_.

Mr. _S_tipkins _Pauls Wharf_.

_S_amuel _S_torey _Sice lane_.

John _S_torey _Bow Church Yard_.

John _S_tory _Leadenhall street at a Packer’s_.

Roger _S_tockhard _Coleman street_.

Mr. _S_tonnier _Durham Yard_.

Jer. _S_tone _Nich. lane_.

George _S_trinyard _Crutchet Fryers_.

Mr. _S_treete _Mark lane_.

Mr. _S_trood _Lawr. Pount. lane_.

Hugh _S_trood _Pudding lane_.

William _S_trude _at Mr._ Atterberry _Throgmorton street_.

Nath. _S_trange _Swithins lane at a Packer’s_.

Mr. _S_tronge _Queen street_.

Mr. _S_tracey _Grace Church str_.

Henry _S_troud _Lawr. Pount. lane_.

Anthony _S_turt _Minories_.

Mr. _S_turt _Throgmorton street_.

John _S_tubbs _St. Swithins lane_.

Thomas _S_tubbings _Cloak lane_.

Isaac } & } _S_wares _Dukes-Place_. Jacob }

Mr. _S_wanham _St. Katherines_.

Samuel _S_winock, _Fanchurch street. Pye Alley_.

John _S_winton _Water-lane_.

Richard _S_withins _Lawr. Pount. Hill_.

Mr. _S_wift _Welstreet Hackney_.

Mr. _S_quib _Palace Yard Westminster_.

Bar. _S_cirps _at Mr._ Nelmes _Packer in Beerbinder lane_.


James Tawden _St. Martins lane_.

John Tanner _Berry street_.

Mr. Tares _Dukes-Place_.

John Taylor _Basinghall street Blackwelhall Factor_.

John Taylor _Talbot Court Grace Church street_.

John Taylor _Budg Row_.

Mr. Taylor _Throgmorton str_.

Mr. Taylor _Newington Butts_.

Mr. Taylor _Wildstreet_.

John Taylor _Mile-end Green_.

James Taylor _Fleetstreet Peterborough Court_.

Mr. Tedway _Distaff lane_.

James Therey _Fanchurch street_.

Mr. Terrenis, _Watling street_.

Mr. Terick _Kingsland_.

Isaac Tellis _Berry street_.

Ald. Tinch _Fanchurch street_.

Walter Thimbleton _Bednal Green Irish Walk_.

Mr. Thinn _Lawr. Pount. lane_.

Isaac Testard _Throgmorton str_.

William Throgmorton _Trinity lane_.

Sir Will. Thompson _Lyme street_.

Major Thompson _Newington_.

Francis Thompson _Tower Hill_.

Kategen Thomas _Bankside_.

William Thomas _Cullam street_.

William Thomas _Basinghall street Blackwelhall Factor_.

Christ. Tomlinson _Martins Lane_.

Coll. Thornborow _Mincin lane_.

Mr. Thornwell _Lyme street_.

Robert Thornton _ditto_.

Benj. Thorowgood _Cornhill_.

Robert Thorner _at Mr._ Leigh _Finsbury_.

Mr. Thursby, _Bishopsg. without_.

William Tichburn _Lawr. Pount. lane_.

Edward Tidcombe _Coleman street_.

Richard Tilden _Tower street_.

Richard Tilden _White Chappel_.

Mr. Tilfoard _Chiswell street_.

Abra. Tilard _Finsbury_.

Jos. Tillingson _Kings Arms Yard, Coleman street_.

Mr. Tyson _Coleman street Blackwelhall Factor_.

Mr. Tinch _Newington Green_.

Mr. Tinch _St. Mary-Ax_.

Walt. Tindall _Bunhill_.

Francis Tierrens _St. Swithins lane_.

Mr. Tolson _Cateaton street_.

Mr. Tomliz _Bow Church Yard_.

George Toriano _Nicholas lane_.

Ald. Fran. Townely _Mincin lane_.

John Townsend _Broadstreet_.

Robert Townsend _Lawr. Pount. lane_.

Mr. Townsend _Fishstreet Hill_.

Edward Towes _Great St. Hellens_.

Benj. Took _Loathbury_.

Mr. Trannell _Tower Hill_.

Charles Trinquand _Mark lane_.

George Trinchard _Billiter lane_.

Mr. Trenacker _Clopton Hackney_.

Theod. Trotle _near Fishmongers Hall Thames street_.

Mr. Tronantle _Bankside_.

Anthony Tretheuie _Portugal Row_.

Pier. Trott _Vine Court Bishopsgate without_.

Mr. Treres _St. Olives street Southwark_.

Mr. Tut _Berry street_.

Rignal Tucker _Rood lane_.

Sam. Tucker _Martins lane_.

John Tudman _Throgmorton str_.

Sir Hen. Tulce _Loathbury_.

Mr. Turpin _Throgmorton street_.

_M_r. Turnel _Billiter lane_.

John Turner _Suffolk lane_.

Thomas Tuson _in Swithins lane_.

Thomas Twisden _Throgmorton str_.

Thomas Twisden _little Morefields_.

Francis Tyson _Philpot lane_.

Richard Torner _lodger at Mr. Edw. W_ats _in Mark lane_.


Mr. Vallentine _Basinghall str. Blackwelhall Factor_.

Jasper Vanderbrusten _Thames str_.

Jo. Bapt. Vanderhoeven _Seething lane_.

Mr. Vanderhou _ditto_.

Phil. } and } Vanbrewsigham _Philpot lane_. Sebasta }

Christians Vanbreda Samuel, _Fan-Church street_.

Mr. Vandamlyt _Camomile str_.

George } and } Vanham _great S. Hellens_. William }

Ger. Vanuythuyson _Austin Fr_.

Mr. Van Morris _ditto_.

Daniel Van Milder _Throgmorton street_.

Peter Vanden _Anchor Lyme str_.

Widd. Vandermarsh _ditto_.

Peter Vandermarsh _Martins lane_.

Peter Vandebob _Lawr. Pount. lane_.

William Vandenbergh _ditto_.

Peter Vanderbusten _Alhallows Thames street_.

John Vannerson _Kings Arms Yard Coleman street_.

Peter Vandeput _Basinghall str_.

John Vanhack _Abchurch lane_.

Mr. Vannet _Bucklers Berry_.

Mr. Van Diuer _Lawr. Pount. lane_.

Mr. Van Blisse _Wapping_.

Nicholas Van Milder _ditto_.

Daniel Van Pray _Clink street Mary-gold stairs Southw_.

John Van Wachtendonek _Leadenhall street_.

Law. Vanham _St. Katherines_.

Corn. Vandures _S. Swithins lane_.

Constan. Vanetti _Seething lane_.

Peter Van Cittert _at Mr._ John Martin Elkins _Lawrence Pount. lane_.

Francis Van Acker _Abchurch lane_.

John Van Laere _Paul’s Church Yard near the School_.

Mr. Vbetter _St. Mary Ax_.

Thomas } and } Varnon _Gravil lane Hounds-ditch_. John }

Mr. Varnon _Hartichoak lane_ [sic.] _Wapping_.

John Varnon _Cherry-tree Alley little Morefields_.

John Varnon _Coleman street_.

Thomas Verbeck _Broad street_.

Calib Veren _Pickled Herring_.

William Veager _Bishopsg. without in White Hart Yard_.

Mr. Vine _Armitage_.

Isaac Vink _Austin Fryers_.

Peter Vertirini _Mark lane_.

Mr. Villeway _Montague Court Southwork_.

Mr. Visher _St. Mary Hill_.

Mr. Vespreet _and_ Vandenbrook _Lyme street_.

Cornel. Van Beselor _W_alter _in Crooked lane_.


Henry Upton _Dukes-Place_.

Hugh Upton _ditto_.

Mr. Upton _Newington Town_.

Gilb. Upton _Cloak lane_.

Mr. Unis _Dukes-Place_.

Thomas Vernon _in Coleman street_.


Tho. Wade _Sheerbon lane_.

Mr. Wade _Tower Hill_.

Henry Wade _Mincin lane comp. with Burkin_.

Matthew Walker _Throgmorton str_.

James Wallis _Fanchurch street_.

Ald. Waldow _Cheapside_.

Mr. Waldo _Spittle-fields_.

Anthony Wallinger _Oxford Court Cannon street_.

Abra. } and } Walwin _Lawr. Pount. hill_. John }

Sir Pat. Ward _Lawr. Pount. Hill_.

Mr. Ward _little Moor fields_.

Mr. Ward _Ironmonger lane_.

James Ward _Kings Arms Yard Coleman street_.

James Ward _Oxford Court Cannon street_.

Sir Will. Warren _Wapping_.

William Warren _Fanchurch street_.

Nicholas Warren _Lyme street_.

Mr. Warren _Gun Yard_.

Henry Warren _Old Jury_.

Mr. Warren _Old Jury Blackwelhall Factor_.

William Warr _Seething lane_.

Mr. Wardner _Leaden Hall street_.

William Warle _Fishstreet Hill_.

Edmond Warner _Throgmorton str_.

Mr. Warner _Angel Court S. Martins le Grand_.

Henry Warner _Colledge Hill_.

William Warner _Mincin lane_.

Samuel Wastall _Vine Court Spittle fields_.

Sir Geor. Waterman _Thames street_.

Ed. Watts _Mark lane_.

George Watts _Aldersgate street_.

John Watts _at Mr._ Smarts _in Broad street_.

Mich. Watts _Old Jury_.

Mr. Watkins _Lymestreet_.

Peter Watson _Aldermanbury Love lane_.

Mr. Watter _Colledge Hill_.

William Webb _Throgmorton street_.

Thomas Webb _ditto_.

Mr. Webb _London wall_.

James Welden _Princess street_.

Mr. Wells _little Moorefields_.

George Willington _and Comp. with_ Alcock _Coleman street_.

Mat. Wentworth, _Ironmonger lane Blackwelhall Fact_.

Mr. Wentworth _Aldersgate str_.

Phil. } and } Werts _Crutchet Fryers_. John }

Ger. Westcomb _great S. Hellens_.

Richard Westcomb _Lyme street_.

Mr. Westbrook _Aldermanbury_.

Mr. Westhorne _Ironmonger lane_.

Oliver Westland _Bishopsgate str. lodger at an Upholsterers_.

Nath. Westland _Bankside_.

Mr. West _Petty France Morefields_.

Abra. Wesset _Bishopsgate street without Whitegate Alley_.

Ger. Weymans _Thames street_.

Mr. Weymansset _Bankside_.

Mr. Winise _Philpot lane_.

Mr. Winbart _Mincin lane_.

Mr. Whistler _Sheerbon lane_.

Mr. Wilson _Old Jury Blackwelhall Factor_.

Mr. Whatton _and_ _W_ilcox _Cheapside_.

Thomas Whitebread _Mark lane_.

John Whithall _Philpot_ lane.

Sir Steph. } and } White _Kingsland Spanish Walk Exchange_. Mr. }

William White _Fanchurch street_.

Thomas White _Minories Goodmans Yard_.

Mr. Whitefield _Dukes-Place_.

John Whitehead _Aldermanbury_.

William Whitehead _Petty France_.

John Whithead _Broad street_.

Mr. Whiting _Coleman street Blackwelhall Factor_.

Mr. Woolkins _in Basinghall str. Blackwelhall Factor_.

George Woodford _Basinghall str. Blackwel hall Factor_.

Mr. Woodward _Thames street_.

Jonath. Woodhouse _ditto_.

William Wood _Wapping_.

Mr. Wood _in Basinghall str. Blackwelhall Factor_.

Mr. Wood _Berry street_.

Mr. Woodman _Wapping_.

Mr. Woolhouse _St. Mary-Ax_.

Adam Wooley _Bucklers Berry_.

Robert Wooley M_incin lane_.

Mr. Woots _Cateaton street_.

John Wolf _Little Moore fields_.

Mr. Woodroft _Little St. Bartholomews_.

Mr. Wordner S_t. Mary-Ax_.

Mr. Wosham _Broad street_.

Mr. Wildy _Basinghall street Blackwell-hall Factor_.

Henry Wild _near the Old Swan Thames street_.

Nicholas } and } Wild _Billiter lane_. Ralph }

George Willoughby _Throgmorton street_.

Robert _W_ilson _Little More-fields_.

Thomas _W_ilson _Bishopsgate without_.

Mr. _W_ilson _Broad street_.

Robert _W_illiamson _Turn-wheel lane_.

James _W_illiamson _Lawr. Pount. lane_.

John _W_ilmor _Jewen street_.

Humph. _W_illet _Swithins lane_.

William _W_illis _and_ Gore _Swan Alley Coleman street_.

Mr. _W_illoughby _Mark lane_.

_W_illiam _W_indow _Tower Hill_.

Mr. _W_inhack _Aldermanbury_.

Mr. _W_ise _Fanchurch street_.

Thomas _W_ise _and_ Lumbes _Threadneedle street_.

Mr. _W_inefield _Buttolph lane_.

Mr. _W_inch _Shadwell_.

Mr. _W_inash _Armitage_.

Benj. _W_etcomb _Coleman street_.

Mr. _W_ilcox _Basinghall street Blackwelhall Factor_.

Mr. _W_right _Water-lane_.

Mr. _W_right _Bankside_.

Jos. _W_right _Aldersgate street_.

Mr. _W_right _near St. Thomas Apostles_.


Mr. Yates _the Bridge_.

Fran. Young _Mincin lane_.

Richard Young _Leadenhall street_.

James Young _Dukes-Place_.

Nath. Young _at the African House_.

Thomas Yoakly _Tower street in a Court near Mark lane_.

Thomas Yoaksly _in Cannon street near the Blew Bell_.

_Hereunto is added an Addition of all the Goldsmiths that keep Runing Cashes._


John Addis _and Company at the Sun in Lumbard street_.


John Bolitho _and Mr. W_ilson _at the Golden Lion in Lumbard street_.

John Ballard _at the Unicorn Lumbard street_.

Job Bolton _at the Bolt and Tun in Lumbard Street_.

Richard Blanchard } _and_ } _at the Mary-gold in Fleet-street_. Child }


Thomas Cook } and } _at the Griffin in Exchange Alley_. Nicholas Cary }

Mr. Cutbert _in Cheapside_.

Mr. Coggs _in the Strand at the Kings-head_.

Mr. Churchill _at the in the Strand_.


Char. Duncomb } and } _at the Grashopper in Lumbard street_. Richard Kent }


John Ewing } and } _at the Angell and Crown in Lumbard str_. Benj. Norington }

Mr. East _at the in the Strand_.


Thomas Fowles _at the Black Lion in Fleetstreet_.


Joseph } and } Hornboy _at the Star in Lumbard street_. Nath. }

John Hind } Thomas Carwood } _over against the Exchange in Cornhill_.

Benj. Hinton _at the Flower de Luce in Lumbard street_.

James Herriot _at the Naked Boy in Fleetstreet_.

James Hore _at the Golden Bottle in Cheapside_.


James Johnson _at the Three Flower de Luces in Cheapside_.


Tho. Kilborne } and } _at the Kings Head in Lumbard street_. Capill }

Mr. Kenton _at the Kings-Arms in Fleetstreet_.

Mr. Ketch _at the Black-Horse in the Strand_.


Henry Lamb _at the Grapes in Lumbard street_.

James Lapley _at the Three Cocks Cheapside_.


John Mawson _and Comp. at the Golden Hind in Fleet str_.


Henry Nelthorpe _at the Rose in Lumbard street_.


Tho. Price _at the Goat in Lumbard street_.

Peter Percefull } and } _at the Black Boy in Lumbard street_. Stephen Evans }

Thomas Pardo _at the Golden Anchor in Lumbard street_.


Tho. Rowe } and } _at the George in Lumbard street_. Thomas Green }


Humph. Stocks _at the Black-Horse in Lumbard str_.

John Sweetaple _at the Black-Moors-Head in Lumbard street_.

John Snell _at the Fox in Lum-street_.

Michael Schrimpshaw _at the Golden Lion in Fleetstreet_.

Richard Stayley _in Covent Garden_.


John Temple } and } _at the Three Tunns in Lumbard str_. John Seale }

John Thursby _at the Ball in Lumbard street_.

Bar. Turner } and } _at the Fleece in Lumbard street_. Samuel Tookie }


Major Joh. Wallis _at the Angell in Lumbard street_.

Peter Wade _at the Mearmaid in Lumbard street_.

Peter White } and } _at the Plough in Lumbard street_. Churchill }

Thomas White _at the Blew Anchor in Lumbard street_.

Thomas Williams _at the Crown in Lumbard street_.

Robert _W_ard } and } _at the Ram in Lumbard str_. John Towneley }

Tho. Flowerdew _at_ Rowl. Dee _in the Poultrey_.

Benj. Bathurst _St. Mary-Ax_.

Benj. Rigfath _Nicholas lane_.

Jasp. Chapman _Basinghall str_.

Peter Vergrew _in New Court in Throgmorton street_.

John Conine _in Salisbury Court_.

August Allard _in Kings street_.

_W_ill. Fasset _Dutch Walk Exch_.

Ja. Caepell _at the Bee-hive in Watlin street_.

George Cokp _near St. Dunstan’s lodger at a Widdows_.

Hougo _and_ John Lent _at a Packers St. Dunstan’s Hill_.

John Burrow _in Bush lane_.

Cap. Nunssan _at the Insur. Office_.

Edw. Blake _Tower street_.

Nich. Lock _Batholomew Close_.

John Blake _St. Swithins lane at a Packer’s_.

_W_ill. Depestor _Broad street at the Surgeons Arms_.

John Edmonds _in Philpot lane_.

Edw. Wards _Basinghall street_.

James Eyton _Fish-street Hill_.

_W_arw. Yard _African-House_.

Samuel Burlingham _and Comp. in Angel Court in Lumbard street_.

Ralph Far _at Mile-end Green_.

Paul Alestry _in St. Martins lane_.

John Bruse _Fanchurch street_.

Mr. Brabant _in St. Swithins lane at a Packer’s_.

Samuel Braborne _at his Brother_ Mr. Braborne _in the Poultry_.

Simon Clark _in Love lane Aldermanbury_.

Adrian Van Schipcroot _in Muddiford Court Fanchurch str_.

John Morris _at_ Mr. Baker’s _Almary Church Yard_.

Stat. Ahearns L_awr. Poult. Hill_.

[Illustration: (Publisher colophon)]



Many entries are out of alphabetical order. No change has been made.

The 1863 Introduction has page numbering (v to xxii) but the Catalogue itself reproduced in the following 129 pages has no numbering.

The letter ſ (long-form s) was used extensively but sometimes inconsistently in the book and has been replaced by the normal s in all cases in the etext.

Some errors from the 1677 Catalogue were carried forward in the 1863 reproduction and marked with [sic.] in the text. These have been left unchanged in the etext.

The printer’s catchwords at the bottom of every page on the 1677 Catalogue were carried forward in the 1863 text. These have all been removed in the etext.

The capital letter of a name was italicized in over two hundred instances and was perhaps a printer’s artifact and not the 1677 compiler’s choice. These have been left unchanged in the etext.

A few instances of a clearly incorrect punctuation mark have been silently changed, for example ‘Mr,’ was changed to ‘Mr.’ Many instances of a missing comma, for example after the surname, have not been altered.

All addresses were italicized and all names were not. A half dozen instances of italic inconsistency were silently changed.

The ‘Goldsmiths’ section had two small lists under the letter ‘H’ heading. These have been combined into one list.

In the Introduction: Page xviii, ‘ia a good suggestion’ replaced by ‘is a good suggestion’.

In the Catalogue entry with surname ‘xxxxx;’: Bultell; ‘Anstin-fryars’ replaced by ‘Austin-fryars’. Burdit; ‘Bobert’ replaced by ‘Robert’. Deluna; ‘Great Saint Hel-’ replaced by ‘Great Saint Hellens.’. Demodina; ‘Great St. Hel-’ replaced by ‘Great St. Hellens.’. Doggett; ‘Pouut. Hill’ replaced by ‘Pount. Hill’. Hill; ‘Rredriff’ replaced by ‘Redriff’. Vergrew; ‘Throgmortou street’ replaced by ‘Throgmorton street’.