The Irish ecclesiastical record. Volume 1, Index by


A Monthly Journal.



"Ut Christiani ita et Romani altis." "As you are children of Christ, so be you children of Rome."

_Ex Dictis S. Patricii, Book of Armagh_, fol. 9.




[For the Contents of the several Decrees of Congregations the reader is referred to the Half-Yearly Index.]


Achonry, See of, 209

_Adjumenta Oratoris Sacri, etc. operâ_ F.X. Schouppe, _noticed_, 503

Aireran, St., Prayer of, 63

Ambrose, St., Tomb of, 22

Ardagh, the See of, 13 Ancient Religious Foundations of, 127

Armagh, Richard Fitz-Ralph, Archbishop of, 486, 524

Attracta, St., Feast of, 39

Avellino, St. Andrew, Feast of, 145

Barlow, James, on Eternal Punishment, 217

Belgian Bishops, Card. Patrizi's Letter to, 193

Bible, the Catholic Church and the, 253, 323

Boenninghausen, _De irregularitatibus_, _noticed_, 48

Brancadoro, Mgr., Letters of, to F. Concanen, O.P., 54

Brigid's, St., Convent of, 127

Brigid's, St., Orphanage, 167

Butt, Mr., and National Education, 534

Carthage, St., Rule of, 113, 172

Catacombs, Signs of Martyrdom in the, 19

Catholic Church, the, and the Bible, 253, 323

Catholic Education, 227

Catholic Universities of Belgium and of Ireland, 549

Church, the Social Mission of the, 334

Clancarty, Earl of, 200, 253

Clonmacnoise, the See of, 153

Colenso, Dr., and the Old Testament, 271, 363, 513, 553

Colga, St., Prayer of, 4

Concordat, the French, 159

Consalvi, Cardinal, and Napoleon Bonaparte, 159, 201 Memoirs of my Ministry, by, 301

Conversion, the History of a, 409

Cork and Cloyne, Dioceses of, 311 B. Thaddeus, Bishop of, 375, 401

Council of Trent, Decision of the S. Cong. for the interpret. of, 590

_Cromwellian Settlement of Ireland_, by J.P. Prendergast, _noticed_, 504

_Culdees of the British Isles, the_, by Dr. Reeves, _noticed_, 444

Cullen, Most Rev. Dr., Letter on Poland from, 182 Speech of, 227 Circular of, on the Ceremonies of Holy Week, 343

Cummings, Rev. Dr., _Religious Controversy in America_, _noticed_, 198

Cunningham, H.S., _Is Good News from Ireland true? noticed_, 119

Dechamps, V., _Letters to People of the World on a Life of Pleasure_, _noticed_, 349

De Ram, Mgr. F.X., 572

De Rossi, Cav. G.B., _Roma Sotteranea_, _noticed_, 102 _Imagini Scelte, della B.V. Maria_, _noticed_, 247

Derry, the See of, 353

Down and Connor, the See of, 262, 385

Dromore, the See of, 506

Dubliniensis, Letter of, 436

_Dublin_, Dr. Moran's _History of the Catholic Archbishops of_, _noticed_, 556

Encyclical of Pius IX., 8th December, 1864, _See Appendix_

English Bishops, Letter of the Holy Office to, 139

_Essays on the Origin, etc., of the Irish Church_, by Rev. Dr. Moran, _noticed_, 41

Feye, Professor, 359

Fitz-Ralph, Richard, Archbishop of Armagh, 15, 486, 524

Froschammer, Dr., Condemnation of, 93

Gargan, Rev. Dr., _The Ancient Church of Ireland_, _noticed_, 45

Gilbert, J.T., _History of the Viceroys of Ireland_, _noticed_, 552

Grant, Right Rev. Dr., Bishop of Southwark, Letter to, 143

Graves, Two Illustrious, 427

Gray, Sir J., on _Obnoxious Oaths_, _noticed_, 352

Henry Ludovicus, _De residentia beneficiatorum_, _noticed_, 46

Holy See, the, and the liberty of the Irish Church, 46

Index, S. Cong. of the, Letter from, 144 Monita of, to Prof. Ubaghs, 344

Indulgences, Decrees of the S. Cong. of, 37, 38, 241, 347, 393, 394, 395

Indulgenced Prayers, 393

Indulgence, Plenary, _in articulo mortis_, Rescript of Clement XIV. on, 133

Irish Race, Destiny of the, 65

Irish Church Establishment, the, 119, 227

Irish Bishops, Letter to, from Card. Prefect of Propaganda, concerning the B. Eucharist, 242 on the _Residence_ prescribed by the S. Canons, 246 Concessions to the _quoad usum Pontificalium extra Diocesim_, 246 Letter from, to Henry Grattan, M.P., 291 Letter to, from Card. Antonelli, on a change in the consecration oath of Bishops, 293 Letter of, to Propaganda, 1801, 440 Address of the, to Pius VII., 441 Letter to, on dispensations in mixed marriages, 438 Rescript to, on Requiem Masses, 296

Jameson, Mrs., inaccuracies of, 248

Jubilee, decisions regarding the, 347

J.W.H., Letter of, 389

Keogh, Judge, and Catholic Doctrines, 450

Killaloe, the See of, 465

Laemmer, Rev. Dr., _Histoire de ma conversion_, 408

Liturgical Questions, 29, 89, 133, 186, 239, 283, 339, 382, 433, 500, 542, 585

Lough Derg, St. Patrick's Purgatory in, 493

Louvain, Card. Patrizi on some Doctrines taught at, 193

Malone, Rev. S., Letter of, 288

Malou, Mgr., _Règles pour le choix d'un etat de vie_, _noticed_, 151

Missarum iteratio, applicatio pro populo, etc., 590

M'Carthy, Rev., _Dr. Kelly's dissertations_, 48

M'Carthy, B. Thaddeus, 375, 401

Milton, John, his principles of toleration, 456

Moran, Rev. Dr., _various works of_, _noticed_, 41, 426, 551

Middle Ages, a recent Protestant view of, 57

National Education and Mr. Butt, 534

O'Connor, Rev. M., the Destiny of the Irish Race, 65

O'Curry, Prof., MSS. of, 4, 63, 112, 172

Old Testament, Dr. Colenso and the, 271, 363, 513, 553

O'Neill, Hugh, Grave of, 427

O'Melrian, Dr., Letters of, 465

Ossory, the See of, 563

Patrick's, St., Purgatory in Lough Derg, 493

_Patrick's, St., Cathedral: how it was restored_, _noticed_, 399

Patrizi, Card., Letter of, to the Belgian Bishops, 193

Peter's, St., Pence, Association of, 181

Pensioning the Irish Clergy, 52

Phials of blood in the Catacombs, 19

Pitra, Cardinal, _Juris Ecclesiastici Grecorum Historia_, _noticed_, 195

Pius VII., Reply to Address of the Irish Bishops, 441

Pius IX., Letters of, 35, 93, 192

Poenitentiaria, Answers of the S., 142, 347

Prendergast's _Cromwellian Settlement of Ireland_, _noticed_, 504

Propaganda, Decrees of S. Cong. of, 143, 242, 246, 293, 297, 391, 438, 439

Requiem Masses, 37, 296

Reeves, Dr., _The Culdees of the British Isles_, _noticed_, 444

Rice, Rev. W., Letter of, 389

Rites, Decrees of Congregation of, 18, 39, 97, 145, 146, 316

_Rituale Romanum Appendix ad_, _noticed_, 396

Robertson, Prof., _Lectures on Modern History_, _noticed_, 101

Ross, Diocese of, 105

Sacrament of Penance in the early Irish Church, 477

Schouppe, F.X., _Adjumenta Oratoris Sacri_, etc., _noticed_, 503

Secret Societies, Decisions concerning, 38

Segur, Mgr. de, _on Holy Communion_, 197 _Popular objections against the Encyclical_, _noticed_, 397

Thaddeus, Blessed, Bishop of Cork and Cloyne, 401

Theiner's _Vetera Monumenta_, _noticed_, 47, 103, 297

Todd, Dr., _Memoir of St. Patrick, Martyrology of Donegal_, 43, 98

Trench, Dr., _Sacred Latin Poetry_, 58

Troy, Most Rev. Dr., Card. Antonelli's Letter to, 392

Ubaghs, Letter of Prof., 594

Unionism Condemned, 139

University Education in Ireland, 23

Universities, list of German, 409

University, Catholic, Exhibitions, 544

Universities of Belgium and of Ireland, 549

Vercellone, P., _Variae Lectiones Vulgatae_, _noticed_, 147

Veto, the 49

_Viceroys_, Gilbert's _History of the Irish_, _noticed_, 147

Villecourt, Cardinal de, _Vie et Institut de S. Alphonse Mari de Liguori_, _noticed_, 400

Woodlock, Mgr., Rector of the Catholic University, Letter of, 544

Appendix: The Encyclical of His Holiness, 8th December, 1864. The Brief for the Jubilee. Cardinal Antonelli's Letter. Syllabus of Condemned Propositions. Translation of ditto. Inauguration of the Catholic University, Session 1864-65.