Widger's Quotes and Images from L'Abbe Constantin by Ludovic Halévy The French Immortals: Quotes and Images by Halévy, Ludovic

This eBook was produced by David Widger


By Ludovic Halevey

Ancient pillars of stone, embrowned and gnawed by time

And they are shoulders which ought to be seen

Believing themselves irresistible

But she will give me nothing but money

Duty, simply accepted and simply discharged

Frenchman has only one real luxury--his revolutions

God may have sent him to purgatory just for form's sake

Great difference between dearly and very much

Had not told all--one never does tell all

He led the brilliant and miserable existence of the unoccupied

If there is one! (a paradise)

In order to make money, the first thing is to have no need of it

Love and tranquillity seldom dwell at peace in the same heart

Never foolish to spend money. The folly lies in keeping it

Often been compared to Eugene Sue, but his touch is lighter

One half of his life belonged to the poor

One may think of marrying, but one ought not to try to marry

Succeeded in wearying him by her importunities and tenderness

The women have enough religion for the men

The history of good people is often monotonous or painful

To learn to obey is the only way of learning to command

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