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Am I a graphomaniac?

Such a question comes to the mind of every writer. The fear that behind the love of the word and the desire to tell stories hides a painful passion, which relates more to psychiatry and not to creativity, is understandable to everyone. Reassure you right away. Graphomania is a severe illness that is much less common than is commonly believed. Usually, a "graphomaniac" is called a not-too-talented writer who has enough self-conceit not to accept criticism from people endowed with expert opinion. We will talk about the former meaning of this word. 

So, how not to grow a graphomaniac in yourself?

Knowledge is power. Writing, like any craft, can and should be studied. The basics of creative writing is a science that has long become academic in Europe and America. Rules for plot construction, hero, and conflict development algorithms. All this together provides a solid foundation for a correct and healthy approach to work on the manuscript. Do you know the rules? So you're armed. And a chaotic, meaningless letter no longer threatens you.

Objective criticism is our friend. Attitude to critique should be healthy. Yes, the critique can be different, and it makes no sense to pay attention to all the negative reviews about your work. Still, objective criticism from the carrier of expert opinion is a growth point for any author. How to understand whether the criticism is useful to you, or the author expressed a subjective belief that should not be reckoned with? First, identify the source of the blame. If you trust him, this is a good bell. Second, separate the emotional from the rational, find a rational kernel in the comments and concentrate on it, not on the emotional shell. And remember that your creativity always remains yours, and only you can determine the degree of influence of external factors on it.

The world is vast, and you are part of it. Try not to be locked in yourself, your text, and reflections on its account. Writing - should not be an end in itself. In general, any process obsessed with itself becomes a dead end. Therefore, it is essential to include writing in your days, rather than ramming your whole life into writing. Yes, periods of unprecedented inspiration happens. And a state of flow during which the writer does not see anything but his text. But if you live this way all the time, then the book itself will become inanimate and meager, and the writer will need outside help. Remember that the world is a source of stories, events, and characters, do not deprive yourself of the joys of discoveries of this world. Then your text will be riddled with life and will be loved by the reader.

As you can see, even a mild state of graphomania can lead to a real creative crisis. Therefore, it is crucial to monitor the hygiene of your writing, your condition, and your attitude to the text. Remember that writing is a creative process, but resource-consuming. Be attentive to yourself, and then your books will be lively and robust.


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